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Goolink solution is designed for video surveillance system which can provide P2P and streaming forwarding service, it enables IP devices can support plug-and-play feature to simplify the installation and configuration process, therefore offering cost-effective after sales service. Through Goolink cloud computer server around the global, it can achieve linking, searching, accessing functions. Goolink compatible (DVR, NVR, IP Camera), as long as with Internet connection (wired cable or WiFi), users can access the IP devices from anywhere through desktop PC, imac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone.

Goolink working diagram

The Goolink cloud server platform, consists of GID (global device registration server), intelligent routing server (IRS), UDP penetrate gateway (UGW), and streaming forwarding cluster (SFC), with millions devices linking capabilities.

    Goolink solution can provide below service:
  • Enable your IP devices to support plug-and-play
  • Using the free Goolink global cloud server, without additional deployment
  • Receiving Goolink databases and libraries.
  • Offering universal client software (PC/iOS/Android/iMac)

Goolink regulation defines common IP devices'access, search, routing, penetrating, audio and video streaming, smart control...etc metadata exchange format.

Goolink working flow chart

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