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Plug in your base station, sync your phone and place the battery-powered monitoring device on the ceiling. The portable 3-in-1 monitoring device features HD camera, motion detector and smoke detector. When it’s armed and detects a problem, it takes pictures and sends them to your smartphone. 

■ The sensor: 

The eyes of the operations. When motion or smoke is detected, the sensor snaps a series of pictures, and forwards the images instantly to the base station.

■ Base station: 

The brains of the operations. Plugs straight into your Internet and syncs with the sensors all around your home. When it receives images from your sensors, it forwards them immediately to your phone.

■ App: 

The command center of the operations. Arm and disarm the system directly from your phone. Receives images taken from your home's sensor instantly, empowering you to decide whether or not to call the police.

Do I need a smartphone to use Novi?

Yes. You will need to have either an iOS or an Android operated phone to download the Novi app. You can't install, arm, or interact with the Novi system unless you have the Novi app on your smartphone.

How does the smoke detector work?

We use an industry standard smoke detector. When it detects smoke, it will send your Novi app a picture notification. The siren in the base station will also sound, alerting you that smoke has been detected. You can silence the smoke detector through your Novi app. Although this feature will help give you greater peace of mind, we do not recommend de-activating your home's current smoke detector system.

How can I purchase additional sensors?

You will receive a notification on your smartphone that your power has gone out. At that point, the backup battery in the base station will be powering your base station so that your system can still store the pictures that the sensor is taking. If you have signed up for our 3G failover service then your system will be able to capture photos and send them to your phone as normal.

What if my phone is out of service?

You can register more than one person to receive alerts. We have built a tiered response system so if you don't respond, you can set the alert to go to others in your personal network.

What if my internet goes down?

If your internet stops working, your Novi system won't be able to send you notifications in case of a break-in or intrusion, unless you have signed up for our premium 3G failover service which will allow your system to continue to function without internet. The Novi system will only be able to send notifications to your smartphone if the base station has a live connection with your internet or 3G failover service.

How many sensors do I need?

You will want a sensor for each exit / entry area of your house. We built our product to cover a typical two bedroom apartment, so if you have a home/office larger than that you will want to purchase additional sensors. You can connect up to eight sensors to one base station.

How does the system arm?

You can only arm the system using the Novi smartphone app. If you don't have a smartphone, you cannot arm the system.

How does the sensor attach to the ceiling?

The device is incredibly light and ships with 3M mounting tape and mounting screws. You can choose to use the simple adhesive or the screws to attach the device to the ceiling.

Why does the sensor use batteries?

Batteries allow you the freedom to place the product anywhere on your ceiling. Also, by using batteries, we eliminate the need for hard-wiring the sensors. As we are currently undergoing development, we do not know what type of batteries the Novi sensors will use when it ships.

How long will the batteries last?

Our engineers are optimizing Novi to have the longest battery life possible. The current estimates are that the sensor's battery life will be at least six months, but we hope to extend that through improved engineering. We've designed the product so it’s as simple and safe as possible to take down and change the batteries.

What about network security?

We encrypt all communication using HTTPS. Pictures are encrypted before being sent through the internet.

Can I adjust the camera?

The camera cannot be adjusted. Where you place the sensor on your ceiling will greatly affect the visibility of the sensor's camera. However, it has a large coverage area that will cover most rooms if you place it in the right spot.

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