DECT Home/Office Wireless Alarm System

DECT Home/Office Wireless Monitoring System from Panasonic

On 2015 International CES, Panasonic announced the new product portfolio - home/office monitoring system which are based Wi-Fi and DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technologies. The announced models including Baby Monitoring Kit (KX-HN6001), DIY Home Surveillance Kit (KX-HN6002), DIY Home Surveillance Kit (KX-HN6002), Home Monitoring and Control Kit (KX-HN6003). All these new products target to Do-it-yourself home security and improvement market. 

Different from other competitor's products, Panasonic monitoring system comes with Wi-Fi control panel, then the home/baby DECT camera or security sensors. The WiFi control panel is the "brain" to the whole system, it's the link between security sensors/cameras and end-users. The WiFi control panel connects to internet through Wi-Fi. It comes with smartphone Applications which enable user to remotely control or live view through smartphone, tablet from anywhere.

Panasonic is one of pioneer companies in DECT technology products, the DECT technology is widely used in cordless phone. Now the Panasonic firstly implemented it into security products. The DECT-enabled security devices can enable each of device connects together wirelessly for long range (up to 300 meters). How the DECT security system works?  The security sensors communicate with central hub (WiFi control panel), once a security sensor is triggered, the alarm signal will send to hub, the hub will react, and notify users through Internet, the user will receive push notification or email alerts. 

The main features

  • DECT enabled device for home/office security
  • A whole security system including security sensors and IP camera
  • Burglary detection + video surveillance
  • Wireless system with long range coverage (300 meters/1000ft)
  • Camera with night vision
  • Camera with sound/temperature/motion detection
  • Two-way communication
  • See, hear and talk to your child from your smartphone
  • Local video storage to Micro SD card
  • No PC required, setup from smartphone
  • Play five gentle lullabies
  • DECT motion sensor + DECT door/window sensor
  • Self-monitoring, no monitoring fee
DECT Cordless Home Alarm System
DECT Cordless Home Alarm System

DIY Wireless Home Baby Monitor Kit(KX-HN6001W)

Day & night wireless baby monitor, included one HD camera and a hub. It supports do-it-yourself installation and can allow you to keep an eye on your child/baby remotely whenever you are at home or working in office, brings peace of mind.  Adopting WiFi plus DECT technologies, the system can be easily hooked on Internet, recording video&audio on MicroSD card (up to 32GB).  It supports smartphone intelligent detection including sound (when your child wakes or cries) detection, motion detection and temperature detection. Also, if your child wakes or cries, the camera can play gentle lullabies to entertain your child and help them sleep. You can also receive alerts on your smartphone and tablet if the child's room temperature falls below or above your established threshold.

 DIY Wireless Home Safety Starter Kit (KX-HN6000W)

Setup a complete home safety system with Panasonic home safety starter kit. The system includes a cordless handset, wireless door/window sensor, wireless motion sensor and the hub unit (control panel).

This is a Wi-Fi wireless alarm system which is ideal for home, shop, office and warehouse. The door/window sensor can be mounted on a door or window to protect main entry-points, and the motion sensor can be mounted on your room to protect space. The door/window sensor and motion sensor communicates with hub unit through wireless signal with DECT technology, it supports 300 meters long range transmission.

Once the door/window sensor or motion sensor is triggered, user will receive voice or text alerts on the digital cordless DECT-enabled handset, meanwhile your smartphone will receive text message alerts. User can arm/disarm the system from the cordless handset, also when handset connects to landline, it can make auto dialling phone call. Secure, Long-Range Signal — No Monthly Fee, KX-HN6001W is perfect way to protect your apartment, living bedroom, studio, garage or warehouse.

Home Monitoring and Control Kit (KX-HN6003)

KX-HN6003 is smart monitoring and control security kit for home or office. The system includes wireless security sensors, also one smart plug (remote socket). With this system installed, you can receive alarm alerts through cordless handset, and protect your home from intrusion with door/window sensor and motion sensor, automatically turn on/off lights and home appliances through your smartphone from anywhere, receive alarm alerts and control the system through smartphone or tablet.

In conclusion, the system can allows you to monitor and control the whole home with any smartphone or tablet whether you are at home or in office. You can receive alerts once system sets off alarm, also allowing you to turn on/off the lamps, electronics from anywhere via smartphone and tablet.  When added with an extra DECT camera, you can watch the live view video from anywhere. 

Please note all the packages can be customized on the basis of your personal needs. You can extend this system by adding door/window sensors, motion sensor, as well as cameras. 

About DECT

DECT is the abbreviation of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, is a standard primarily used for cordless phone systems, also other home and small office system. The DECT has been widely used in below three areas:

  1. Home cordless telephony, using a hub unit to connect one or more handsets to the public telecoms network (including Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G, 4G).
  2. Enterprise premises cordless PABXs and wireless LANs, using many base stations for coverage.
  3. Public access, using large numbers of base stations to provide high capacity building or urban area coverage as part of a public telecoms network.
  4. Wireless security system, using DECT security sensors to protect property, signals send to hub unit, and users get notified via text message or push notification, email from the hub unit.

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