New hardwired alarm systems for commercial security

Which is better between wireless alarm system and hard wired alarm system? There are debates on this, anyhow professional security installer recommend using the hardwired alarm systems. “All-in-one” alarm system combined the control panel and keypad together; this means the system can be damaged by intruder easily.

For the hardwired alarm system, it consists of two essential components: control panel and separate keypad. The control panel is the center (or brain) of whole alarm system, keypad is the programming device for programming and operation, it can take command and display the system information.

For the potential of damage from intruders, the main board is put in a metal cabinet with lock. The control panel is installed in basement and other hideous place. Keypad is installed in the front door for easy to access and control the alarm system.

As we know the transmission for wireless alarm only can be covered not more than 300-400 feet. Unlike most of wireless alarm systems, hardwired alarm system with more expandable connection distance between sensors and alarm control panel, the transmission between sensors and alarm control panel is more secure and stable than wireless system.

Top quality hardwired alarm system

Advanced alarm system with top quality

Compared to DSC, Honeywell hardwired alarm system, Vstar’s 800 series smart hardwired alarm system features easy installation and simple operation. Different from above mentioned brands, our hardwired alarm system with low-cost and top quality features. Our hardwired alarm system built-in GSM module that enable alarm system connect to GSM cellular network for alarm transmission. It doesn’t require users to purchase separate module to expand the system to using cellular network. The alarm system can make voice call and send out SMS to users.

Our hardwired alarm system comes with smart and elegant touch keypad. The keypad with advanced menu system, and the language can be customized by our clients.

The hardwired Alarm System for commercial business

Vstar’s 800 series alarm system with 8/16 hard wired zones; it supports communication protocols like ADEMCO Contact ID. The alarm system can be connected with central monitoring station (CMS). In addition, the 800 series hardwired alarm system support four passwords (with different permission): Super admin password, Installer password, User password, Duress password. The system is the professional and high quality security systems for commercial business.

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