Unifore Smart IP Camera D1000

Unifore released Home/Office Smart IP camera D1000

Unifore is proud to release an innovative security product - D1000, which is a high definition smart IP camera with some unique features. Now you can start to order D1000 from us. If you want to know more about this item, you can read product's webpage - Smart IP Camera D1000. D1000 makes it simpler than ever to keep an eye on home & office. The camera adopts aesthetic appearance design makes it standout from cheap IP cameras. View HD video from your smartphone and PC, and set up PIR + Video motion detection, and temperature + humidity detection alerts so you don't miss anything. The D1000 integrates with many advanced features to provide you smart and user-intuitive home/office monitoring.

The smartest IP Camera!

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World's First Thermostat Function

No matter where you are, you can know the exact temperature and humidity degrees from your smartphone. This camera has built-in temperature & humidity sensor, it can collect real time environment data, then deliver to your smartphone. Additionally, users can set up the threshold degree to receive temperature alerts. This function can allow camera to function like a heat detector. It can trigger alarm once the camera detects rapid increasing of temperature by smoldering fire.

Dual Motion Detection

The camera can accurately detect human movement by utilizing its built-in wide angle passive infrared motion sensor. The PIR covers approximate 110 degree up to 10 meters range. Additionally, camera itself supports motion detection. Once the camera picks up movement, camera will make warning sound to deterrent intruder, plus notify you through instant push notifications to your smartphone. Furthermore, you will receive emails with snapshots.

Passive Infrared Motion Detection

720p HD + 2-Way Talk

Equipped with 1.0 megapixel 1/3" progressive scan CMOS image sensor, furnished with a 3.6mm MP lens. This camera can provide you HD images with 1280x720 resolution. User can watch the HD streaming video through mobile device and PC, as well as third-party's NVRs. The image provided by D1000 is exceptional, vivid color and with stunning detail. Thanks to its high power infrared illuminators, D1000 can capture images under complete darkness environment. With help of IR LEDs, the camera can see up to 10 meters at night.

This camera has built-in microphone and speaker. Customers can hear and talk remotely with D1000. Utilizing echo and noise reduction technology, this camera can provide you HD voice communication.

Up to 128G Local Video Storage

Insert a microSDHC memory card to card slot of D1000. The camera can support local video recording up to 128G. Whether you set your camera for continuous, schedualed, or alarm only recording, you can view the video on your smartphone from anywhere.

Local Video Recording 128G

Wired/Wireless WiFi connection

Unifore's D1000 supports both wired and wireless connection, users can choose one of connection methods according to their needs. Using the Wi-Fi connection, the D1000 can be installed anywhere within Wi-Fi coverage. By the way, this is a plug-and-play IP camera with embedded "Peer to Peer" technology, once camera connects to your home router, it can automatically link to Internet. No port forwarding and DDNS, users instantly access the camera from mobile devices and PC.

Manual Rotating + Onvif Standard

Choosing the best view angle through rotating the camera manually. It supports 360 degrees vertical rotation and 90 degrees horizontal rotation. Looking for dedicated video recording? Unifore D1000 complies with Onvif protocol, it can connect with third-party's NVRs/Software (including Onvif viewer, Onvif device manager...etc). We also provide free video management software to allow user to manage multiple IP cameras from one PC.

D1000 comes with different color options, we ship the product with default silver color. For the other colors, we have MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirement >= 500 sets. As the manufacturer, we also offer OEM service including print logo on items, customize the Smartphone App (Android & iPhone), also we provide you software development suit SDK which allows you to develop your own software.