1080p smart doorbell camera

Upgrade wired doorbell with 1080p smart doorbell/intercom

Smart doorbell is popular IoT gadget not only makes living more convenient, but also can bring peace in mind. The product makes answer door, talk and see through smartphone remotely possible. There are many kinds of smart doorbell in market, mainly including battery-powered wireless smart doorbell and normal wireless smart doorbell.

People opt for battery-powered smart doorbell because they provide the simplest installation and the built-in battery usually can last up to several months. Most users choose the normal wireless smart doorbell, because it provides stable and maintenance free performance. However, if you’re the user who wish to upgrade traditional wired doorbell, most of them are not able to meet your requirement.

If you wish to upgrade your wired doorbell easily by installing the smart doorbell, we recommend you the SD-M5 smart doorbell, the model supports power input range from DC9-36V/AC 8-24V. This feature helps it to be connected with your transformer directly. You can install the smart doorbell without new cable layout and other related construction work.

Smart doorbell video intercom 1080p wireless/PoE

Buying SD-M5 Smart Doorbell

SD-M5 supports wireless/Wi-Fi connection, it means once it works instantly after it connects to the power supply/transformer. In addition to this important feature, the product also support PoE function by using the included PoE injector. The smart doorbell also can operate by merely plugging the Ethernet cable.

In summary, SD-M5 can provide up to four different installation/wiring method, including:

  1. Only connecting with power supply, network relying on Wi-Fi.
  2. Only connecting with Ethernet cable, using PoE injector.
  3. Using PoE injector, and network relying on Wi-Fi.
  4. Using Ethernet cable and the power source (transformer/power adapter).

Wiring smart doorbell camera by using PoE injector

SD-M5 is an excellent smart doorbell which equip with a 1080p camera. It captures a nearly 150 degree viewing angle, not only capture people’s face, but also see outside clearly. The product has Infrared illuminator design to help camera see at night. The product has a doorbell button, once visitor rings, it will notify users by sending instant push notification alerts. You’re able to pick up the call and answer the door, knowing the identity of visitors and talk with them through smartphone.

The camera also provides you additional security to your house. The product employs a PIR motion sensor which provides a super wide angle intrusion detection. You’re able to activate the detection through app, once it detects someone loitering around your house, users will be notified immediately. The doorbell camera also supports motion detection, its sensitivity is adjustable. PIR + video motion detection can greatly eliminate the false alarms to provide accurate intrusion detection.

Unlike those battery powered wireless doorbell, users can watch video anytime. It has built-in microSD/SDHC/TF memory card slot to provide max. 128GB edge video storage. It can record video footage in 24 hours 7 days manner, you won’t miss anything. The product provide flexible video recording plan including manual/24 hours, schedule, motion detection. Other battery powered smart doorbell only records video when motion detection occurs.

Great interoperability

SD-M5 can be integrated with many different security systems, because it supports RTSP stream protocol and complies Onvif specification. The doorbell can deliver video stream to Synology/QNAP NAS, it can be connected with computers which have installed VMS software (e.g. iSpy, BlueIris, xProtect). It also can be integrated with the popular home automation system. It has no problem to work with professional NVRs from different brands such as Dahua, Hikvision, Vivoteck, Honeywell and more.