16 channel PoE NVR

16 channel PoE NVR supports up to 5-megapixel resolution

Unifore is delighted to introduce you the 16 channel PoE NVR supports up to 5-megapixel network cameras, the model EN6263-PoE. The NVR is suitable for small and medium sized IP video surveillance applications. It’s based on embedded Linux OS and Hisilicon video decoding processor to offer you reliable performance with high durability.

Guidance for power consumption of PoE Device

In the IEEE802.3af standard, PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) can achieve the output power of 15.4W, during power transmission, there is voltage drop problem, PD (powered device) can obtain 12.95W input power averagely. In IEEE802.3at standard, PSE power supply device can maximum output 30W power. In real usage, after the current increases, the power consumption loss increases accordingly, thus IEEE802.3at requires Cat5 Ethernet cable to reduce the power consumption during transmission, PD can also obtain 25.5W input power.

Must know information for PoE Switch

What’s PoE Technology?

Power over Ethernet is the abbreviation of PoE, it’s new technology to offer 48V DC power through a single Ethernet cable. The standard PoE system contains two main devices, one is Power sourcing equipment (PSE), which is LAN switch or passive power supply, the other one is Powered device (PD), which is the terminal device to receive power from cable and use it.

PoE IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is the name of a number of methods that allow for powering network devices through UTP/FTP cables. This way it is possible to power devices such as cameras, phones, switches, access points, etc. In 2003, the IEEE established 802.3af PoE standard, upgraded to 802.3at in 2009. 802.3at distinguishes between the first type (prior 802.3af) and the second type with maximum transmitted power of 30 W, nearly two times higher. The second type is suitable to power cameras with high-power IR illuminators, IP telephones, small network printers etc.

What's PoE IP Surveillance Camera?

PoE IP surveillance camera is the traditional IP camera with added PoE module, which allow camera to utilize the Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology for reducing the network cost and increasing the flexibility of whole network system. With help of the PoE, the installation of IP camera becomes much easier.

What's PoE (Power over Ethernet)?

Power Over Ethernet technology started in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, and dated back to 2000, Cisco firstly established the world PoE system. Power over Ethernet is an advanced new technology for wired Ethernet local area network that permits the electrical power can transmit through Ethernet cable to support proper operation of connected IP devices (Powered devices). With this technology, it can minimize the number of cables that required for each of IP devices, because the Ethernet cable can not only transmit data, but also the power to IP devices. Additionally, the PoE can provide long cable run up to 100 meters (330ft) and deliver 12W of galvanically isolated power.

What's the advantage of PoE IP Camera?

Offering network efficiency and low cost are the advantage of PoE IP camera. The PoE, or Power over Ethernet is the technology has been widely used in network equipment which allows them to transmit power and date through the same Ethernet cable, hence eliminated the requirement of extra power cable connection.

WiFi or PoE for IP camera, which is the best?

As one of pioneer digital camera manufacturers, we are providing many types of IP camera which support additional functions such as WiFi wireless connection, PoE, local video storage..etc. If you can get the IP camera that supports both WiFi and PoE, this is great. Unfortunately, such kind of IP camera is much more expensive than traditional IP camera. Moreover, it's unnecessary to have both WiFi, and PoE features.