What's the advantage of PoE IP Camera?

Offering network efficiency and low cost are the advantage of PoE IP camera. The PoE, or Power over Ethernet is the technology has been widely used in network equipment which allows them to transmit power and date through the same Ethernet cable, hence eliminated the requirement of extra power cable connection.

Moreover, provided centralized power management solution for reliable operation of network equipment with free maintenance.

In today's market, choosing the IP camera becomes the predominant solution for high definition video monitoring applications including residential, business, education, public safety, traffic control and more. Apparently, with the reasons of significantly higher resolution, image quality, remote view/access and other desirable features, IP cameras have already overtaken the analog cameras. Obviously, the integration of PoE technology accelerates this process. PoE enabled IP camera supports plug-and-play setup and installation, it helps with broader enterprise security without investing in extra software or hardware.

Flexibility and network efficiency

PoE enables user to setup a clean network system fast, since it eliminates the man unnecessary electrical components, which in turn, significantly reduced the installation budgets and maintenance fee. Obviously, when you use the PoE devices, you don't need to use/install the AC power or AC/DC adapter.

PoE also increases the flexibility of network devices, when using PoE IP camera, you can easily move, change, upgrade or modify existing network without hassle. This offers great flexibility in accommodating changes to network or business needs. If you want to setup a temporary deployment (such as construction sites, trade exhibition, mobile lecture rooms, mobile offices...etc), PoE IP cameras is your ideal solution.

Centralized power supply management

Centralized power supply management is the another huge advantage which PoE can offer. In a conventional scenario, If system doesn't use the UPS (uninterrupted power supply), a power outage will turn off your whole video surveillance system. For ensuring the properly working of your video surveillance system, UPS is the critical device. The PoE technology can help user to provide individual/separate UPS power supplies for different network system. On the other hand with PoE just one UPS that is centrally managed can provide power back up to all your networked devices. In addition to this, you will also be able to remotely shut down or reset these devices saving significant expenses as well as time.

PoE working theory

IEEE802.3af vs IEEE802.3at (PoE plus)

Generally speaking, when we discuss the PoE, we need to know its standard and classification. There are mainly two different standards including IEEE802.3af & IEEE802.3at. The difference between them is IEEE802.3at (also called PoE plus) can provide maximum 30W power to high power consuming network devices, meanwhile IEEE802.3af can work with PoE enabled devices which consume max 15.4W. (Click here to read more)

Active PoE vs Passive PoE

Active PoE: Active PoE has active components inside and it is able to transfer power up to 100 meters. Hence passive PoE is generally used when the distance is far from each other. Due to the special components in the active PoE system, the cost is much expensive than passive PoE.

Passive PoE:Passive PoE™ uses free wires in the Ethernet cable and sends the equipment power along them to the far end. Passive PoEs range is about 30 to 40 meters / 100-130 ft that covers the needs of up to 90% of users according to our statistics.

Compared with active PoE, passive PoE system is popular, because it takes less power, less cost to buy, more models are available in the market. Active PoE technologies are also used but in places where, the climates are extreme and devices are far. Other conclusions can be taken from the Passive PoE such as future technologies concentrates on improving it in a way that the maximum distance increases but they don’t want to add extra components as they have to manage production rate and guarantee for them for just ten percent of users. Thus Passive PoE has major art in industry than the Active PoE.

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