Basic info for selection and installation of security Camera

Choose high resolution security camera at entrances and exits.

When choose CCTV security camera, you need to use high quality resolution security camera at the entrances and exits. The high resolution security camera can view and record facial images that are used for identification purposes.

For large surveillance areas, you need to choose security camera with wide angel lens.

After you installed high resolution of security camera for facia images, you should use security camera that with wide angel view lens for interiror surveillance area of the building.

Why use bullet security camera and dome security camera ?

For both of bullet camera and dome camera, they are low cost with high performance, and both can be installed indoor and outdoor.

B/W cameras are suitable for the surveillance only limited at detecting object movement  or surveillance at night.

Most B/W cameras with low illumination features that have higher resolution than color cameras at night surveillance. If your surveillance purposes are at night or with limited budget, then a B/W camera is the best choice.

C Mount or CS-Mount Security camera.

The difference between C Mount and CS-Mount security camera is the way of the lens mounts to the camera.  When use C Mount security camera, you need to mount C Mount type of lens for it.

The advantage of C Mount and CS-Mount security camera is the lens can be changed easily to varies of lens from 2.5MM to 500MM for meeting the specific applications.  You can just simply unscrew the lens from C Mount and CS-Mount security camera outside.

C Mount Security camera can be filled in 1/2 size CCD which can provide high resolution images, bullet camera only can be filled with 1/3 size CCD.

After use the outdoor camera housing, C Mount security camera also can be used outside surveillance. When C-Mount security camera used in "extremely climate area", C-Mount security camera need to use good heat ventilation system, fans are neccessory for this purpose.

C Mount security camera also can use vari-focal lense.  After us the vari-focal lens, people can adjust zoom and focus to choose a variety of focal distances and view angles.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Security Camera.

PTZ camera are widely used security camera, you can find it in most of surveillance projects.

PTZ camera allow you to pan an entire room, tilt up and down, Zoom in and out.  PTZ camera with automatic and manual mode. PTZ camera can be set hundreds of points for the camera to look at (Zoom in and Zoom out).

The camera with swiftness fast tile and pan features. Most of PTZ camera with powerful optical zoom functions, even small PTZ cameras with least zoom ratios are better than the fied lens cameras. Normally most of PTZ camera with 36X zoom lens.  Auto focus is one of the importance function for PTZ cameras. PTZ camera can automatically auto sense the right objects for bringing them to focus while conveniently keeping up  with rapid tilts of pan motors.

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