Difference between bullet dome c-mount security camera

How to choose security camera ? what's the differenct between them ?

There are many kinds of security camera in the market come with different design and shapes, including bullet, dome, c-mount, pinhole.Choosing the suitable security camera depends on the many factors like the application, and installation environment.

Bullet security camera are widely used in security, bullet camera replace the c-mount, have taken the over the market to be number one top selling security camera. These camera come with lens and all-in-one bracket for installation,  the camera cases are weatherproof design, without needing extra housing for outdoor installation and usage.
Usually most of bullet security cameras are equipped with 1/3 CCD,  fixed 3.6MM lens, these cameras allow you to see up to about 5.5m with the view angle of 67.4°.  Some high resolution bullet cameras are equipped with vari-focal lens (4-9MM, 9-22MM) which can allow you to zoom and focus.

We herein provide the fixed lens information as below:
Lens:                    2.8mm  3.5mm  4mm  4.8mm   6mm   8mm   12mm
1/3 CCD:              86.3°     67.4°    62°       52.2°    42.3°  32.6°    22.1°
Object distance:    4.3m   5.4m         6m      7.3m      9m    12m    18m

Around the edge of the lens adding infrared lighting, then it's infrared security camera.  Infrared security camera are widely used for day and night surveillance.

Using the infrared lighting, security camera can see the objects in 0 lux.

What's LUX for security camera ?

The LUX is a standardized unit to measure a camera's sensitivity to light. The lower the number, the less light it will need to reproduce a clear image.
A camera with a LUX of 1 means it can see an image during early evening hours or just before dark. A camera with 0.5 LUX has the ability to see an image in a dimly lit corridor.
A 40W fluorescent lamp will provide sufficient indoor light for a camera with 2 LUX. With the help of infrared light, camera can work with 0 LUX, i.e., under total darkness, even better than the human eyes.

Dome camera with the same functions and features like bullet camere. Only difference is the apperance (sharp), Installation dome cameras don't require too much space, and very suitable for the inside of house with decoration.

C-mount security cameras are commercial security cameras which widely used in governement and public facilities (like bank). Due to the size of housing, compare to dome camera and bullet camera only support lenses up to 1/3 CCD, C-mount security camera have 1/2'' CCD or CMOS chip-sets.
The bigger of size of chip-set means you will get high quality images, expecially in very low illumination conditions.
The drawback of C-mount security camera is they don't come with a lens, also it doesn't  come with installation bracket and weatherproof housing which can make the C-mount camera work outside.

Lens and installation bracket and outside installation housing need to buy them separately. The beaty of this is customer buy parts separately to meet their's specific requirements.
If you need superior of video and get more detail information of video,  or are looking for deter crime by having a security camera, c-mount camera is the best choice.

Pinhole cameras are small surveillance camera. Pinhole camera work as a nanny (spy) camera that it's not recognized easily, you can use pinhole camera to monitor anyones enters your office or store in  your absence.

What's CCD and CMOS ?

CCD and CMOS are electric deivice which can convert the image to an electric image, or we call image pick-up device.

Compare to CMOS,  CCD are more suppior on creating high quality and low noise images.

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