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Download/install yoosee camera's firmware

Do you own a camera uses the yoosee App? Like it or unlike it, you may want to upgrade the camera's firmware to the latest version whether the purpose is enjoying the latest function or fixing the bugs.

The majority of users like yoosee camera, because the team keeps releasing new updates, and the firmware update or upgrade can be easily done through App operation. However, in some cases (e.g. camera's firmware is corrupted), you need to manually download the camera's firmware and perform the update on your computer. In this article, we provide you the firmware download link and will keep updating once new version is available.

Download the latest firmware:

{josociallocker} Hisilicon https://goo.gl/YVv6nh

Grain Media https://goo.gl/12cPEk

Grain Media https://goo.gl/WqgNRv {/josociallocker}

How to manually update the firmware?

Updating through microSDHC card

Most WiFi cameras have a microSDHC/TF card slot built-in to provide on-board video storage. users also can use this to update the camera's firmware. The method is copy the firmware file to the root folder of the TF memory card, then hold the reset button and release it when camera LED starts flashing. Wait about 5 minutes to let it upgrade the firmware, when it completes, it will automatically reboot. Don't unplug power supply when it's upgrading its firmware.

Updating through PC software

Yoosee offers a debug utility to allow users to mass upgrade the cameras on PC. Different from App, the IP camera debug tool offers many advanced settings. As long as both cameras and the computer are in the same local network, the tool can discover the devices then users can update the camera's firmware or change the advanced settings.

The full tutorial can be found here:


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