GSM cellular base station alarm system

GSM Cellular Base Station Alarm System Solution

Recent years, the base stations for GSM Cellular networks are increasing, as well as the expanding of the GSM Network, but the GSM Cellular base stations are always located in remote area, without security guards, so there are thieves want to steal the equipments in base station.

The thieves often steal the cables, air conditioner, transformer, even the accumulator…etc.

Due to these base station far away from downtown area, without security guards, When the based station are broken in, and equipments broken done, the maintenance staff can’t get these information real time. For solving this problem, Our company designed the VSTAR G40 Wireless GSM Base Station Alarm System.

1. Introduction:
G40 is used in base station for anti-burglary, fire detection, temperature detection, equipment detection, real time monitoring, send the alarm information sent to Monitoring Center Station (software) via SMS, as well as auto dialing adapter the GSM Network.

When the alarm center received the alarm information, the security staff can know the exact alarm information via Monitoring Center Station ( Software ).

From the alarm is triggered to receive the alarm information, it only takes 30 seconds, so that the security staff can take action in short time.
VSTAR G40 Wireless GSM Base Station Alarm System without the limitation on transmission, The Monitoring Center Station ( software ) can totally work with maximum 1000 sets of Wireless GSM Alarm System.

2. Main Features:

1. Alarm data transmission via GSM Cellular Network.
2. Can work with Active Infrared Beams or Fence Detector, Wireless/Wired PIR Motion Detector…etc anti-burglary detectors.
3. Can work with Vibration Detector for detection of the movement of equipment (air conditioner)
4. The system can detect the AC power, when the base station lose the power (theft cut the power cables), the system will trigger alarm, send SMS.
5. Can work with Smoke detector to detect the fire.
6. Can work with Temperature detector, when the temperature of equipment is higher the setted temperature, the alarm will be triggered, the system will send SMS.
7. When the alarm is triggered, the alarm system can send SMS to security staff’s mobilephone.
8. The security staff can dial the alarm system to monitoring the base station real time.
9. When the alarm is triggered, the system will send SMS to Monitoring Center Station, The Monitoring Center Station will receive the information includes Base Station Name, Address, Contact person, Telephone number, Alarm type s( anti-burglary, fire, power), Time…ect.

3. Notice:

1. The installation location must with the GSM Cellular Signal ( covered with GSM Network).

2. Check the valid of SIM Card in the alarm system. if the SIM card without money, it can’t send SMS.

3. Regularly check the status of detectors (sensors)