How to program additional detectors to work with G80

FAQ 2 How to program the additional detectors to work with G80 console and define alarm SMS contents?

1. program the extension units(wireless sensors/detectors) to work with the console.

While you have the console, you still can install the extension units within the effective distance, Extension units must do the channel matching with the console before use, it��s similar with the way we did for the remote control��

Put the two pins under the mark under the console make them short circuit (one touch each other) and released, you will get a beep sound from the console, then switch ON the power of extension unit in 15 sec. It response, when you get a long beep from the console means the channel matching is success. Then if you want to add the second one, you can make the two pins short circuit one more time, and enroll the units. You can enroll total nine extension units(wireless detectors/sensors) at most.

Figure of the place of the two pins.

2. Program SMS alarming contents of 9 wireless detectors/sensors.

If you have programmed the extra wireless detectors/sensors to work with the G80 console, the console can send alarm SMS to your mobile immediately when the sensors detect the intruder or thief. You can define the alarm SMS contents by sending SMS to the console.
The SMS text: password + U + m + n + alarm type
Explanation:  U: means unit
m: serial number of wireless detectors/sensors
n: the function of the wireless detectors/sensors
* Please note" n " can be 0, 1, 2
n=0, it means that when you arm the G80 console, the detector is armed; when you disarm the G80 console, the detector is disarmed.
n=1, it means that the detectors can keep disarmed when the G80 console and others sensors are in arming status. It is suitable for the detectors in the bedroom, kitchen. When you are doing the cooking, or sleep in the bedroom, the detectors in the bedroom and kitchen will be in disarming status,  but the detectors in the other rooms and the console is in the arming status.
n=2, it means that the detector is in arming status (24 hours) all the time after you turn on the console. General speaking, it is suitable for wireless smoke/gas detector, wireless emergency button.

Please see the following form for your further understanding.

If you have programmed one wireless PIR sensor in your bedroom to work with G80 console as a first extension unit, Wireless shock sensor in the hall as the second extension units, wireless smoke detector in the kitchen as the third extension unit, you can send the following SMS to the G80 console to define the alarm SMS content of the PIR sensor, the wireless shock sensor and wireless smoke detector. The initial password is 000000.

Send SMS: 000000U11PIR alarm in the bedroom, 20 Shock Sensor alarm in the hall, 32 fire alarm in the kitchen
Note: The max SMS characters: 140 characters
*When you send SMS 000000A1/ Press the on the remote for short time to arm the G80, the wireless PIR sensor, wireless shock sensors and wireless smoke detectors are armed.
*When you Send SMS 000000A2/ Press the on the remote for long time to arm the G80, the wireless shock sensors and wireless smoke detectors are armed but the wireless PIR sensor is disarmed.
*When you Send SMS 000000A0/ Press the on the remote to disarm the G80, the wireless PIR sensor, wireless shock sensor are disarmed, but the wireless smoke detector is armed.
* When the wireless PIR sensor in the bedroom detects the intruder, the PIR sensor will send alarm signal to the G80 console immediately, then the console will send SMS ��1 PIR alarm in the bedroom.