How to program wireless detectors to alarm system?

We herein make this tutorial for helping our clients and other people on how to program the wireless sensors to work with wireless alarm system. This tutorial is only suitable for the wireless alarm systems that Made-in-China. Typically, there are two types of wireless technology for wireless transmission between sensors and alarm system for MIC products: Fixed Code (PT2262) and Learning Code (Ev1527). If you want to find more information about it, you can read this article:Difference between PT2262 and Ev1527.

Part 1: Check your wireless sensors, whether it's PT2262 or Ev1527.

Before proceeding, you need to check whether you are using PT2262 sensors or Ev1527 sensors. Normally, you can find a PT2262 chip on the PCB of sensors, except that, you can find remarks A0-A7 on the PCB, that's the Fixed code wireless sensors. If you can find a Ev1527 chip on the PCB, then it's learning technology wireless sensors.

PCB view for the eV1527 PIR motion sensor and PT2262 PIR motion sensor

Part 2 : How to program wireless sensors (PT2262) to alarm system.

Programming the PT2262 sensors to alarm systems is very nasty, especially for those PT2262 wireless sensors don't using jumpers for setting (If user want to change or add code for the wireless sensor, users must be with some electronic skills).

a. Customer must obtain the address code information from alarm panel.

address code on the back of alarm panel

You can find this kind of address code from alarm panel or if you can not find it, you have to open the alarm system and find the code or ask help from your supplier.

Note: 2 means without jumper (empty), 1 means High-Level (H), 0 means Low-Level (L)

b. Now open your wireless sensors and find the remarks of A0-A7 on the PCB.

Address code(A0-A7) show on the PCB

c. Copy the code for the address code.

Now you need to use jumpers to duplicate the address code to wireless sensors. If you can not find the jumpers, then you may need to use soldering iron to do this job.

d. Setting digital code.

The digital code is used for setting sensor type or alarm type. You can find the digital code with remarks on PCB of D0-D3.  The digital code setting on above image is 2021 (from D0 to D3).

Part 3: How to program eV1527 wireless sensors to alarm system.

Programming the learning technology wireless sensors is pretty easy. The simple steps provide as below:

1. Connect the battery for the sensors and power on (switch on).

2. Setting digital code for wireless sensors (may not need for our wireless alarms)

show digital code for ev1527 PIR motion sensor

3. Make your alarm panels in programming status.

4. Press "Study or Learn or Test" button on the wireless sensors, If you can not find the button, you can simply trigger the sensor (example: people move to trigger PIR sensor).

5. Alarm panel show success.

Notice: If you follow this tutorial, but still can not program the wireless sensors to alarm system, please check follow details:

a. The wireless frequency for the wireless sensors and alarm panel, example: 433MHz.

b. The oscillator resistor value match the alarm panel and wireless sensors, example: 4.7M

At the end, If you have any questions about how to program wireless sensors to alarm systems, you can chat with our technical support (on the right corner). We will answer your questions and help you do our best. The other way to get help, send E-mail to

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