Perimeter Alarm System

Since social development, indoor security systems have been unable to meet the security industry needs now, so perimeter alarm system came into being, and has a wide range of applications and fields.

Check our latest laser beam infrared sensor based perimeter alarm system:

Perimeter Alarm System Perimeter Alarm System
VSTAR Security perimeter anti-theft alarm system with bus communication mode, wireless communication mode, for large residential networking system has its own powerful advantages: low cost and without having to pay the user to send alarm information when the phone line charges. VSTAR Security perimeter detection devices used with infrared products, using infrared sensors detect the invaders, the detector will send signal to the host (alarm panel). Through the alarm call and monitoring center software, security guards are able to obtain alarm information, alarm information to be processed in time. 

With the further improvement of management, anti-theft perimeter alarm system can enhance the work efficiency, lead all the property into a model of scientific management. VSTAR Perimeter Protection System is a mature system has been in Europe, America, Middle East, already have a wide range of applications, has now become the largest export company with infrared and have very high brand awareness.