What is the wireless GSM alarm system ? How it works ?

Wireless GSM alarm system is used to guard the area as well as property using GSM cellular technology. The main objective of GSM system fitted with the GSM module is to determine the fact of invasion to the controlled territory and to aware the owner by the phone or cell phone (send SMS).

The principle of GSM alarm system operation: protected area is equipped with all necessary sensors and control panel with the GSM module. Interaction between the sensors and control panel is being provided through the radio channel (433MHz/315MHz/868MHz). In case of invasion of unauthorized person into the controlled territory one of the sensors triggers, the radio channel passes this information to the GSM module that activates and passes the alarm messages or calls to CMS (Central Monitoring Station) or  mobile phones of responsible for the protection of property person and to the property owner.

gsm alarm system working diagram
Modern security systems of GSM alarm systems are equipped with voice module for calls to predefined phone numbers. Activation and removal of security functions of GSM alarm system could be done with the help of remote control or directly from a cell phone.

There also exist different multi-functional fire alarm systems based on GSM systems. They not only provide protection against theft, fire, gas leakage but also allow you to monitor and control home appliances. The main functional objective of such alarm systems is to determine the fact of malicious entry to protected be the system area and to notify the owner with the help of disturbing phone calls to a mobile phone and/or sending the messages. Such GSM alarm systems are pretty universal and they can also be used for the protection of country houses, apartments, retail kiosks, shops, offices and other properties.

When the alarm system is in an enabled mode if one of the sensors discovers emergency, the controller automatically calls to the specified cell phones numbers and sends alarm messages. Also in some cases you can listen to the secured area through the built-in microphone. It is very beneficial and sometimes it is the only acceptable way to use the GSM alarm system at objects where it is difficult to strip cable and telephone networks.

Protection of apartments, garages, cottages, warehouses – it is an incomplete list of places where GSM-alarm system could be used. Such security systems are perfect in the case of home use to monitor the work of household electrical appliances, the temperature in the apartment and of course for instant notification of illegal entry.
It’s necessary to admit that wireless systems are gradually becoming the trend. Almost all manufacturers of home security systems are placing the wireless version on their conveyors because the competition led to a minimal profit from wired systems. Manufacturers also take into account that in Europe and the United States consumers appreciate the home environment and do not like wires spreading across the walls and therefore make a clear choice in favor of wireless versions of house alarm systems.

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