What's the OSD menu for security camera ?

OSD means on-sreen display, it's a menu system for TV, Monitor...etc. Now many companies are providing high resolution security camera which contain the OSD menu.

Using the OSD menu, people can adjust various of settings of security camera including exposure, white balance, back light compensation, day & night selection, , Motion, privacy...etc.

Security Camera with OSD menu

SONY Effio DSP can provide OSD menus in languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese.

A. Exposure:

> Electronic Shutter: Electronic shutter is to set the camera shutter speed, that is the video output per second (1/50 means the camera can output 25 pictures per second). User can set both slow and high-speed shutter.

(The speed can be set as auto, from 1/50-1/100000, FLK, X2-X56. The user can set the specific speed according to the specific surroundings. The default value is "Auto").

> Brightness: The brightness of video setting from 0-255 adjustable, default value is: 50

> AGC: AGC means auto gain control, the function not only increase the brightness of camera images, but also increase the image noise, users can adjust it from Low/Middle/High or shut it down according to actual situation.

> DWDR: Digital Wide Dynamic Range, 0-63 adjustable

B. White Balance:

White balance is used to restore the authenticity of the color, affected by the change of color temperature. Users can choose white balance mode according to the actual situation: Auto-tracking White Balance 1/Auto-tracking White Balance 2/Auto White Balance/Manual White Balance.

C. Back Light Compensation

Back light compensation increase the exposure of images. If the object you wish to view is too dim because of a bright background. Set the BLC switch to ON to compensate for the bright background. With BLC on, the background brightness may saturate in some cases. This function may not operate properly if the object is too small compared to the area of the background.

D. Day & Night

Day & Night switch is specially designed for different occasions. There are 3 kinds of modes as follows: Auto mode, Color Mode, B/W mode. The user can set different mode according to the situation.

>D & N Auto: This is time for accumulating light intensity before D/N switch, when it reach "Alternating light" state, camera could be damaged by frequent switch. It might cause to not correct judgment of image and reduction of span life of the device. 0-30s adjustable, default value is 1s.

>Color Mode: Always Color

>B/W Mode: Always black and white

E. Motion

User can set the Motion alarm for specific area.

F. Privacy

User can set totally 8 areas to block the images, these area will turn to black when camera output the video.

G. Some tips on using OSD menu for security camera.

1. Camera image can't switch to B/W at night ?

Open the camera menu to see if "Day & Night Switch" is set as "AUTO", if not, please change it into AUTO.

2. Noise is very obvious at night with low illumination.

Please make sure AGC is "ON"

3. The image color is abnormal.

Please check white balance is correctly set as Auto White Balance.

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