What's vibration detector (shock sensor) how it works ?

The sensor for vibration detection is a vibration detector (or shock sensor), the detector must have a mechanical displacement to generate the alarm signal; vibration detection equipment is not only best suitable for file cabinets, vaults, strongrooms, safes and Automated Teller Machines (ATM), confidential protection special objects, but also suitable for other systems in combination, to prevent intruders break in from wall. How to use the vibration detector in correct application is very important. It is often used to provide protection in a special object where protected area that with staff's activities.

There are two major detection methods for vibration detector; the one is mechanical detection, it works as a ON/OFF switch using the mechanical movement of metal contact, the other is acoustic sound detection. Compare to acoustic sound detection, adopts mechanical detection vibration detector only detect the true physic vibration with low false alarm. The vibration detector that is based on  acoustic sound detection (with microphone), it may trigger false alarm by high noise from car,  thunder in summer.

Acoustic Based Vibration Detector With Sensitivity Adjustable

1.  There are different types of vibration detectors according to the application or protection objects.

a.  Building Vibration Intrusion Detector

The detector can detect the mechanical vibration (shock) from the wall, and send alarm signal to alarm system.

b. Geosound vibration intrusion Detector

The detector can detect the vibration caused by pedestrains or vehicles on the ground.

c. Safe Vibration Intrusion Detector

The detector detects the vibation cased by the hit or abnormal open of the safes.

2. Typically most of vibration detectors with NC (Normal Close) output for alarm connection. The connection for vibration detector to alarm system is simple, you may need to connect the EOL resistor in series between detectors and zones (alarm system).

3. Tips on installation the vibration detector

  1. Vibration detectors is used for detection of intrusion for vaults, strongrooms and Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s).
  2. When install the vibration detector on the wall of room, then the installation height should be 2-2.4 meter from ground, The device need to install in dry environment.
  3. When place the vibration detector underground, the depth should be 10cm.
  4. Installation should avoid the places where there is vibration souces ( motors, transformer, fan, air-conditioner).
  5. Do not install the device where with RF interference.

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