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Why use HD-SDI/EX-SDI analog cameras?

Recently, Emily Lin – the editor of Asmag magazine interviewed several Korean manufacturers in 2016 Secutech exhibition, then published an article titled “why use HD-SDI technology” .  I am wondering if it’s worth using the EX-SDI technology, because there are alternatives such as AHD/CVI/TVI technology prevails in the market.


According to Sun Myung Electro-Telecom, Korean manufacturers are now the biggest supporters for HD-SDI and EX-SDI technology. As I know, many HD-SDI HD analog products adopt the Eyenix solution. Eyenix is a Korean manufacturer that specializes in developing, manufacturing HD-SDI and EX-SDI products. Eyenix has the exclusive ownership of EX-SDI technology. EX-SDI,stands for extended serial digital interface, it's based on the existing HD-SDI technology, however greatly extend the transmission distance.

As we know, before HDCVI, AHD, HD-TVI technologies appeared, HD-SDI was the only HD-over-coaxial technology in the market. At that time, many users were interested in trying HD-SDI products, however they hesitated to act because HD-SDI products were so expensive.   "HD-SDI products are usually high-end, but we are now producing a lower-end version to become more competitive in the market. Our company motto has always been to provide high quality items at competitive prices," said Wayne Lee, Sales and Marketing for Sun Myung Electro-Telecom.

Although HD-SDI technology was the only option for HD-over-coaxial solution, the Korean manufacturers didn't take advantage. Consequently, HD-SDI becomes the loser after other HD-over-coaxial solutions like HD-CVI, AHD, HD-TVI flourish in the market. During these years, we don't receive any HD-SDI or EX-SDI product inquiries from our clients (fortunately, we don't carry this product line).

2#. Advantages of EX-SDI

Now onto major advantages of EX-SDI, according to Lee, one of the major advantages of this technology lies in its video transmission capabilities. "The EX-SDI is the extended version of HD-SDI. So while the distance for HD-SDI is 200 meters, it is now extended to 400 to 600 meters using this technology. That is what we have developed." Sounds amazing, however other HD-over-coaxial technologies also advocate their solution can offer the exact same distance long range video transmission.

If you are familiar with these different HD-over-coaxial technologies, you will realize they share the same characteristics, 720p/1080p or even 4-megapixel, 4K UHD resolution, transmitting controlling signal over coaxial, long range video transmission. Generally, we can't explain what the difference among them, especially when our clients ask us "What's the best among HD-CVI, HD-TVI, and AHD?". 

“Another advantage of these systems is that they are calibration-free. Compatibility would not become an issue and installers wouldn't need to spend time making adjustments to resolution, edge enhancement, color sense, etc. ” continued Lee.  Despite the advantages of long range video transmission, calibration-free, and good durability against electronic noise disturbance,  I realize that EX-SDI has no significant difference when compared with other HD-over-coaxial technologies.

3#. 4K UHD EX-SDI technology

4K is applicable to a variety of industries, including precision machining, detection, classification and control. All of the 4K transmission mentioned above is possible through EX-SDI transmission technology, and the reduced equipment and maintenance costs, as well as efficient staff management and the like, could be applied in building the next generation of factory automation systems. 

Moreover, it could also be used in medical fields that require high image resolution and reliability for increased accuracy and success of the operation reliability. Image analysis technique using these ultra-high resolution image data could achieve crime prevention and the like. As such, 4K solution required in various industries, could be realized through EX-SDI transmission technology and its features such as visually loss-less of the ultra-high resolution data and transference with no latency.

EX-SDI 4K UHD Solution
EX-SDI 4K UHD Solution

4#. Summary

By the way, HD analog cameras must work with HD-SDI/EX-SDI DVRs, today there are not many manufacturers provide HD-SDI/EX-SDI DVRs. This is a big headache to many clients, here we share you a brief story. Just two years ago, one of our clients ordered 50 pieces HD-SDI 720p cameras, however, the client couldn't find cost-effective HD-SDI DVRs, so the client waited almost six months to get these cameras finally installed.

In summary, I don't what your choice is, I will stick on using the existing AHD/HD-TVI/HD-CVI products, their price is so attractive, clients have a huge product selection from hundreds manufacturers. 

Reference: http://www.unifore.net/analog-surveillance/eyenix-isp-for-ip-hd-sdi-ex-sdi-tvi-cameras.html

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