Complain About The GSM Security Alarm System Kits

Thanks for your feedback.

We are so sorry for the problem which you had experienced.

1). Concerning to the panels stopped calling out and communicating through the GSM, we reckon on the small defects on the previous GSM module inside of GSM Alarm System.
Now we are using new GSM module to replace the old GSM module, so that we can promise that there  will be no same problem will occur in your next order (our products).

The New GSM Module is Model: SIM900A.
The Information about this Module as below link:

By the way, we are pleased to inform you that we are the first manufactuer which using the SIM900A as the GSM Module inside of GSM Alarm System.
(The cost for this module is very expensive then the old one, only we use the new GSM module, so that we can promise the high quality of GSM Alarm System).

2) Regarding to the door/window magnetic contact, we think the problem is caused by the battery.
When the battery voltage is low, the magnetic contact hardly can transmit the wireless signal to alarm panel,  or the transmission distance will be short. 
Also we have to inform you that most of chinese manufactured door/window magnetic contact, the battery is very easy to run out.

Now we manufactured the new wireless door/window magnetic contact which powered by Li-ion rechargeable battery.
The capacity of power is 3 or 4 times than the older one,  so that  the wireless magnetic contact can last 3 or 4 times than the old one.

In addition, this new wireless magnetic contact with new design.
If you want to know more about it, please check following link:

3) Regarding to the siren,  due to wireless kit adopt wireless technology, the weather or radio may interference the wireless transmission.
We can't make sure all the wireless signal 100% can make the transmission in varies installation area.
If you want 100% siren works, we recommend to use wired siren.  (also this will reduce the cost of GSM alarm kit)

Please note that G40 or G40-W can support Wired siren as well.

At last, we thank for your information about our products, only after we get feedback from our customer, so that we can make progress our products.
We reckon  that there is no 100% perfect products, but we are striving to provide 100% perfect products to our customer and high quality service.

We hope above information is useful for you, also we hope we can cooperate together for the long time.


Marketing & Production Dept