We lanuched new wireless IR & PIR motion detector

Unifore always strive to improve the products from function to appearance, we are specializing in Wireless Indoor Security System.

Recently, Unifore begin to provide Wireless IR beams detector for our customer.

The Wireless IR beams detector is widely used in outdoor perimeter security systems, it's total weatherproof and using wireless technology.

From this, we will benefit on the outdoor perimeter security field, the successful on wireless outdoor IR beam detectors will open up a new market for us.

After several month researching, eventually Vstar launched new Wireless PIR Motion Detectors.

This new PIR Motion Detector is unique in the security field, you may can't find elsewhere.  We are striving to innovate products, rather than to copy from our competitive.

We have developed three Models for this PIR,  VS-WH200, VS-WH300.

These models with same appearance but with different design:  VS-WH200  is powered by 9V alkaline battery, VS-WH300 is powered by 3.7V Lion rechargeable battery.