Green Technology: Solar Street LED lights

As we know, the global lighting consumes whole electricity 20%, most for outdoor lighting. According to statistics, there are installed street lights up to 200 million sets in China, average power of street lights is about 200W, if each street light works 10 hours, it consumers 2KWH per day, and 730WKH one year (365 days), so 200 million sets of street lights consume electricity 146billion KWH each year. Chinese largest Sanxia Hydro-power Station assembles 26 complete sets of machines and only generates electricity 847 hundred million WKH each year, we can see about two Sanxia Hydro power stations generate electricity can be enough to satisfy annual electricity consumption for all of street lights.

What’s more street lights increase at speed of 200 million sets each year, at present more than 90% of light sources uses high-pressure sodium lights. Luminous efficiency of this light source is high, but it has disadvantages of short lifetime, great power consumption, low color temperature, bad color rendering index, besides including mercury etc poisonous substances; sooner or later this light source will die out.

LED street lights increase at fast speed since Technology Department put forward plan for promoting vigorously. However, it’s a pity that 90% of LED lights instead of traditional high-pressure sodium lights. It’s estimated conservatively that total lights will not be more than 2 million sets, this quantity is only as many as one-tenth of yearly increased street lights.

It’s suitable for our national condition to put forward the development of solar street LED lights, meanwhile it’s major event for energy saving and emission reduction. It totally doesn't need to waste lost of financial resources to build dam or immigrate people as what we did for building Sanxia Hydro-power station.

Advantages of solar street LED lights:

  • 1. Solar energy supplies electricity: Green, environment friendly, saving-energy, and zero energy wasting, complete to generate electricity.
  • 2. Easy to install: Convenient to install, don’t need to dig channels and bury cables, save labor cost and resource cost.
  • 3. High Brightness: LED light 100W can replace high-pressure sodium light 250W; LED light is more than 2.5 times as energy saving as high-pressure sodium light.
  • 4. Long life Span: pressure-sodium light 4000 hours, LED 50000 hours; don’t need to change LED light in 14 years, free maintenance.
  • 5. Low investment: One time investment, and no maintenance cost.

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