10 Wireless Alarm Kits

10 Well-designed wireless alarm system

We introduce the latest well-designed wireless intruder alarm system from China, Europe, Taiwan and USA. A typical wireless alarm system consists of an alarm panel, wireless door/window sensor, PIR motion sensor, siren and remote control. The home wireless intruder alarm kits can be functionally expanded with smoke, water, gas leakage, temperature and humidity detectors for enhanced home safety and comfort. Personal and medical alarms as well as home automation features are integrated as new value-added designs.

No.10 X10 Alarm System

X8 WiFi GSM Alarm System

X10 is the latest WiFi enabled alarm system with GSM cellular communicator backup. It has built-in Wi-Fi & GSM communicators, works with SIM card and your home router. The system can transmit alarm signal through Internet (TCP/IP) and GSM cellular network. This system contains 4 hardwired zones and 24 wireless zones, and each wireless zone supports maximum 4 sensors. Additionally, it supports maximum 10 remote controls/kepads. The system has built-in Microphone and Speaker, supports 2-way talk. Besides, it can pre-program up to five phone numbers for alarm alerts. By the way, it comes with free smartphone App.

  • New design Wi-Fi enabled wireless alarm system
  • Backup with GSM communicator, it works even counter internet disruption
  • 4 hardwired zones, 24 wireless zones, maximum 96 wireless security sensors
  • Comes with free smart phone App has Erobot camera integration
  • EU 868MHz, ADEMCO CID protocol
X10 WiFi Alarm System

No.9 Jablotron Azor

Jablotron Azor Wireless Alarm Kit

Jablotron is a famous alarm brand in EU, Azor is a wireless burglar alarm system, it's designed for small houes, flats, offices and shops. The system can also be supplemented with an optical smoke detector. Guarding can be simply Arm or Disarm using an RFID tag. Users just need to press the switch at the door and use the RFID tag. The system can also be controlled with a telephone - via voice menu options. When an alarm is triggered, Azor can call a security agency (Alarm Receiving Centre), or report events by SMS messages and phone calls. Users can define which information they are interested in (alarms, power supply failure, who Arm or Disarm the system and when, etc.). Users can adjust Azor's behavior to suit their needs by connecting it to a PC and using ALink software. The system contains GSM control unit, RFID tag and reader, motion detector, door-opening detector, AC Adapter and backup battery

  • Up to 10 wireless detectors(motion, door opening, window opening, fire, panic
  • SMS and voice reporting of events to users (individual settings)
  • 1 year battery lifetime (in detectors and remote controls)
  • Automatic checking of the functioning of all parts of the system
Jablotron Azor

No.8 Nuzon HG-2500

Nuzon HG-2500 Wireless Alarm Kit

HG-2500 DIY wireless intruder alarm system consists of a main panel, PIR motion detector, door/window detector, remote control handset, wired external siren with strobe light, and AC power adapter for burglary, fire and medical alarms. Optional accessories include wireless siren, door keypad, gas detector and smoke detector. It features ease of use, two-way communication and built-in auto dialler. It supports up to 63 sensors, hopping and rolling digital code, and can be controlled by the telephone. Besides, it has a "Help" button for emergency notification. The main console can be used as a hand-free speaker phone. It also features anti-tamper protection, and Enry/Exit/Alarm time programmable design, and different voice messages identified by events.

  • Works with 63 wireless sensors, 3 hardwired sensors
  • Remote telephone line control
  • Chime / Home / Away / 24 hours status
  • 3 speed dials respond to burglary, fire and medical emergencies
  • Audible LCD display low battery power monitoring for peripheral sensors and telephone line trouble warning
Nuzon HG-2500

No.7 Everspring UVR681

Everspring UVR681 Intruder Alarm

UVR681 consists of a touch screen control for system operation. With the 7-inch touch control panel, users can view live images with cameras and control the operation of all alarm devices on the screen. The panel can also link up with smart plugs and lighting fixtures, enabling users to wirelessly set the lighting of their residence. Smartphone App is also available for remote monitoring. When a trigger event occurs, the system will notify you via email alerts or App push message. After expansion, there can be 4 cameras that monitor the surroundings of your residence, 8 wireless sensors that provide perimeter and interior intruder protection, and up to 8 lighting fixtures. The system is suitable for guarding properties of small to middle-sized areas.

  • Portable 7-inch touch panel with rechargeable battery back up
  • E-mail and Push Notification Alert sent to user's smart phone when event occurs
  • Full management and control of up to 16 home appliances or light fittings
  • Full management and control of multiple alarm devices
  • Real time live view for an effective evaluation of events
Everspring UVR681

No.6 Vision automobile electronics (VAE)

VAE HS514 Alarm System

HS 514 is a GSM-based home security and medical help system that features two way communication, easy installation and full tamper protection. The system supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz system. The system also features a built-in loud siren and backup battery. It's an upgrade-able security system by adding more wireless devices. It supports 15 wireless zones, and each zone supports 8 wireless sensors. User can pre-set 3 phone numbers for sending SMS text and another 3 phone numbers for emergency call-out. Besides, the system features One-Touch emergency button and auto-dialing pre-set phone number, working as a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). In addition, the system supports remote control wireless ON/OFF module for home automation application.

  • Self monitored, without the need for monthly contract
  • 15 Wireless Zones, each zone can use 8 wireless sensors
  • Pre-set 3 phone numbers for sending SMS text and another 3 phone numbers for medical help callout
  • Remote control wireless ON/OFF module for home automation application
  • Upgradeable security system by adding more wireless devices

No.5 Climax HPGW-G series

Climax HPGW-G series Alarm System

Climax's HPGW-G Series is a smart home alarm system that supports alarm and home automation features. It can connect to PIR sensor, door contacts, smoke detectors and remote controls. HPGW-G features optional 3G, DECT, and Z-Wave connectivity in addition to its built-in IP, RF, and ZigBee modules. It supports RF, ZigBee, and Z-Wave sensors. The alarm reporting formats include CID/SIA reporting over TCP/IP, SMS reporting and visual reporting. It works with IP cameras and camera PIR sensors for visual verification and real-time monitoring. The system is remotely contrllable through the Vesta Home App on a mobile device. Supporting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the system can be used as an emergency intercom system for senior care. It fetures Climax's Security@2km technology that delivers robust RF communication range of 2 kilometers (1.5 miles), fast signal transmission, and enhanced installation flexibility.

  • 2-km communication range and superb reliability
  • VoIP capabilities, supports IP and 3G connection
  • Alarm reporting formats include CID/SIA reporting over TCP/IP, SMS reporting and visual reporting
  • Works with IP cameras and camera PIR sensors for visual verification and real-time monitoring
  • Supports ZigBee, and Z-Wave automation sensors
Climax HPGW-G

No.4 Eldes EPIR3

Eldes EPIR3 GSM Alarm

EPIR3 is a standalone GSM alarm system that supports up to 16 wireless devices. The system can be applied in apartments, summer houses, garages, small shops, campers and boats. The user-friendly system is compact and easily installed in less than 5 minutes. Supporting CID protocol, the EPIR3 is compatible with global security protocol standard, allowing output to any monitoring station. The product features integrated GSM module, RF868MHz wireless connectivity, Ni-Mh backup battery life of 24 hours, and a SIM card holder. The product supports voice calls or SMS to 10 authorized users. It also supports security control via internet and smart phone app powered by Eldes Smart Security, a cloud-based platform.

  • Pet-immune motion detector, comes with integrated wireless module
  • Can be controlled by Cloud, App, SMS, keyfob, keypad
  • Works with 16 wireless sensors (burglary, fire, medical help)
  • Up to 10 authorized users will be instantly alerted in any case of triggered event
  • EPIR3 supports CID protocol
Eldes EPIR3

No.3 Essence Wer@Home

Essence Wer@Home Alarm System

WeR@Home is a DIY, cloud-based home management solution that offers home security along with home safety and automation capabilities. The wireless alarm system is easy to install within 15 minutes. Powered by AA Alkaline batteries, the deices feature simple maintenance and long batteries life up to 3 years. Supporting proprietary RF protocol, the operation distance reaches up to 600 meters (open-air). With a Z-Wave dongle, the systems can connect to wireless home automation devices, such as door locks, lighting and plugs. Web portal and mobile app with simple and intuitive interface allow users to control and monitor their homes even from afar. They can watch live video, retrieve videos from the past, Arm/Disarm the system, and set scenarios and rules for home automation.

  • Award winning WeR@Home™ platform
  • Manages all peripheral devices and communicates with apps and cloud-based server.
  • Fully control homes with automated Smart Rules
  • WeR@Home™Hub supports up to 64 devices
  • Can extend with Z-Wave module to control and communicate with Z-Wave devices
  • Cloud access and monitoring service
Essence WeR@Home

No.2 SimpliSafe Starter Kit

SimpliSafe Starter Kit

SimpliSafe has a UL Certified central monitoring station (Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the national leader in certifying and inspecting monitoring stations) that alerts authorities when an alarm is triggered (if you pay the monthly monitoring fee). SimpliSafe offers three different monitoring packages. All packages include 24/7 alarm monitoring and a cellular connection. There are no contracts required so if you want to try a package out for a month you can without any termination fees. SimpliSafe does not have any home automation features.

  • Base Station is plug-and-play and has a built-in SIM card and 41 sensor capacity
  • Base Station sends alarm signals to the 24/7 alarm monitoring center
  • Alalarm would continue to function if the wireless keypad was smashed
  • Motion Sensor has a range of 30 feet and a field of vision of 90 degrees
  • When the system is OFF and a door or window opens, the Base Station will sound a door-chime
SimpliSafe Starter Kit

No.1 Lowe's Iris Smart Kit

Lowe's Iris Smart Kit

Lowe's Iris Smart Kit is the beginning of a home security and control system. Lowe's Iris home security and automation products include Iris Smart Kit, Iris Safe and Secure Kit, and Iris Comfort and Control Kit. As the beginner, typically users will choose to use Iris smart kit which contains Iris hub x1, PIR motion detector x1, Door/Window sensor x2, and keypad x1, smart plug x1, smart thermostat x1. This system can protect your premises while offer smart home automation feature.

  • A self-contained whole-home management system that includes free basic monitoring
  • The system can be controlled and monitored from a smartphone, computer or tablet
  • Easy DIY installation and setup
  • Compatible with upgraded service packages and other Iris enabled devices
Lowe's Iris Smart Kit