Advanatages of wireless security alarm system ?

Welcome to buy our wireless security alarm kits. Why buy wireless security alarm system ?  not the wired one ?

What are the advantages of wireless security alarm system?

You can easily change the location of the sensors or the main unit according to your requirements.

High flexibility of setting/programming

There is no need run cables everywhere in your home. Most of the detectors also use batteries to operate. The main unit and several types of sensors may need cables for power.

Easy installation

Most wireless alarm system comes with auto-dial feature that the system can auto-dial to pre-set number when alarm is activated. So you can know immediately what happened even out of home. The system usually allows you to store multiple numbers incase it cannot reach your number, it will call to other phone numbers you stored.

Auto-dial feature

Since no wire is needed, the alarm is like a DIY burglar alarm kit that even without hiring expensive technicians to do the installation, the user can install it directly following the manual instructions.

Low-cost installation

The burglar has no wire to cut. He/she cannot stop the alarm system by cutting wires. Even if the burglar cut the power cable, the alarm unit can still run by back up batteries inside.

Higher security level

After you have purchased the alarm system and have used for a while, you can still purchase extra sensors and add it to the system in a simple way!

Easy upgrade