Central monitoring station software update Released

Recently, our customer report a bug on our central monitoring station software. If you purchased the digital alarm receiver from us, please check below link to download updated software

Created:Monday, 12 November 2012 05:57

You can download the software from below link:


You can also just replace the files to update the software. This will not loose any data for your update of software.The file as below: http://www.burglaryalarmsystem.com/Replacefile_sources.zip

We are pleased to launch new central monitoring station software (Eagle PCRC System) to work with our digital alarm receiver. The updated version software (GSMV11.12MSGU) can work with all digital alarm receiver (include R-2003, R-2004GSM, R-2005G,R-2005GSM), that means we no longer provide separate software (R-2003, R-2004, R-2005G) for working with each of digital alarm receiver. In addition, the new software add smart link function (when alarm received, activate the DVR to record the video), this update is free. Now the software can support Google Map & GSM GPS functions (charge fee).


Created: Monday, July, 2012

You can download the software from below link:


Above software can work with all our digital alarm receivers. Before update the software, please backup your database. We are not responsible for the loose when upgrade the software.

Created:Monday, 12 March 2012 01:50

Today we are plased to announce that EaglePCRC_E_USB have released update version.  Firstly thanks you to all of our clients use our Central Monitoring Station Equipment, this software is only work with our Digital Alarm Receiver R-2005GSM. The new release is fixed bug of increase database size largely when use the software. Old version software still can use, but we highly suggest our client to update their's software.
Please download the software from here:
Tips:  before update the software, please backup your database in case of lose of data.
(Please note that the link will expire after 1 week)
If you need this software after expiration, please send E-mail us: techsupport@hkvstar.com

Created:Monday, 13 June 2011 02:57