Commercial alarm system GSM816 system programming tips

Due to the GSM816 system come with LED keypad and the manual may not very clear on the programming. We summarized some useful tips on the basis of feedback from our customers. We hope these tips can help majority of installers and users on installation and programming our commercial alarm system. We will continually updating these tips. If you have any problem or need any help, please send E-mail to

Part A: Quick Guidance on Programming GSM816 system:

1. Enter into set mode: 666666 + F4

2. set the alarm receiving phone number: 5+1+Phone number (Example: 1008610086) + F4

3. set the alarm reporting by SMS, not calling: 77 + 1+4+F4

4. Set the alarm only use GSM function: 79 + 0 + F4

5. Now trigger the alarm, and mobile phone can receive the SMS (alarm report).

6. Edit zone short message: Use your mobile phone edit SMS:123456 (user code, not installer code)01content (example: zone one is triggered), then send to alarm system.

7. Trigger the zone 01, and receive the alarm SMS.

8. Select the control panel send message (in set mode): 33+1+1+1+1+F4

9. Edit the alarm message: Use your mobile phone edit SMS:1235617Content (Example:Arming), then send to alarm system.  Arm the system, the alarm send short message to mobilephone: Arming.

(Please note, If the alarm system received the SMS commands, the keypad will make sound of "bi".)

Part B: Common problems and solution:

1. After connect the power supply (AC), the alarm system can not be operated and all zones LED is ON (blue).

The reason is the alarm system have not connected any hardwired detectors or EOL resistors. If you want to test the alarm system, you have to connect the hardwired detectors or EOL resistor. After connect the hardwired detector and EOL resistor,the zone LED will be OFF,  then you can do the Arm and Disarm the system.

2. Set the zone belong to partial zone.

The correct command should be "19 + Zone Number+00/01 + F4 (ENT)"

3. Door bell function.

The correct command should be "60+ Zone Number + 00/01 + F4 (ENT)"

4. User sends SMS command to modify the SMS content, the alarm system doesn't accept it.

Before send SMS command to modify the SMS content, you need to enable the remote control function. How to enable the remote control ? The command is: "711 + F4 (ENT)"

5. The alarm system without backup battery, what's the requirement for the battery ?

Yes, we don't provide the backup battery for commercial alarm system, due to the transportation issue. Installer and user can find the battery in their local market. The requirement for battery is: 12V 7AH Solid Lead-Acid Battery.

6. How to connect siren to work with GSM816 system ?

The siren connection for VS-GSM816 is slight different from other commercial alarm systems. Please check the mark on the PCB, "NO+"  and "NO-" are for the siren. The "NO-" should connect with "AUX",  "NO+" should connect to the positive of wired siren, the negative of wired siren should connect to GND (ground).

7. Wireless detector can not be programmed into alarm system ?

Our commercial alarm system with requirement on the compatibility of wireless detector. The wireless detector must to meet the requirements, so that they can work with our commercial alarm system. The requirement as below: Wireless Frequency: 433MHz, Encode Chip: PT2262,EV1527, Digital Code (from D0 to D3): HLHL or 1010.

HLHL Code Setting

8. GSM features are not working.

It's crucial to buy the right alarm system, especially for GSM. When purchase the GSM816 system, please ask the sales about the GSM frequency. Normally we provide the GSM816 with dual band: GSM900/1800MHz. Dual band GSM alarm system can work in majority of countries. If you are from USA or other Latin American countries, then you need to purchase quad band GSM816 system. Quad band includes: 850/900/1800/1900MHz. You need to inform the sales about the power voltage and GSM frequency (sales may not mention about this), so that you can purchase the correct alarm system.

By the way, please connect the GSM antenna to alarm control panel, when the alarm system is working.

9. Already set the phone number to send SMS, how to disable the phone number send SMS, instead make GSM call ?

We neglect the instruction about how to disable the phone number to send SMS, the correct command is " 77 + Group Number (1 digital) + 5 + F4 (ENT)".  Group number is only one digital from 0-6.

10. The wireless sensors work with G70 are compatible with commercial alarm system 800 series ?

The answer is yes, all the wireless sensor can work with G70 system or other G series alarm system are able to work with commercial alarm system (example: VS-GSM816-16A), but please note that the wireless detector need to config the digital code from D0-D3 to be HLHL or 1010.

10. After programming the alarm system, the system only dial phone number via GSM SIM and CMS only receive the Caller ID information.

The default setting for alarm system is only dialing out using the GSM network,  If you want to use the Telephone line and connect to central monitoring station, please enable the system auto dialing via telephone line, then using GSM,  the setting command as below:

79 + 0/1/2 + F4    ( Default is 0,  0 means is only use GSM, 1 means use telephone line, then use GSM,  2 means only use Telephone line).

11. How to program the local time for the alarm system ?

The setting command is: 451112+F4   (1112 is your local time).

12. How to make the alarm system stop to dial next phone number, after receive the alarm ?

After received the alarm call from alarm system, you should press "2" for confirmation, so that the alarm system will not dial the second and third...etc phone number.

12. We sum up most of commands for programming alarm system as below

List Item Command Notice
Basic Setting (need to know)
Enter Set Mode 666666 + F4 (confirm key) Before do any programming, you need to enter into set mode, 666666 is default installer password
Programming alarm receiving numbers 5+X+numbers+ F4 (confirm key) X can be 0-6. 0 is for Contact ID central monitoring station, 1 is for 4+2 central monitoring station, 2-6 are for personal number
Change installer password 30 + New installer password + F4 (confirm key) New installer password must be 6 numbers.
Add wireless sensors 20 + X + F4 (confirm key) X means zone number, can be 01-16
Delete Wireless sensors 21 + X + F4 (confirm key) X means zone number, can be 01-16
Set zone type X(zone number) + Y  (zone type)+ Z (siren on/off)+ F4 (confirm key) X can be 01-16, Y 0-8 (0:Instant  zone, 1: Fire zone, 2: Panic zone, 3: Delay zone, 4: 24 hours zone, 5: Test zone, 6: Gas Leak zone, 7: Bypass zone, 8: Door bell zone, default is 0). Z can be 1 or 0 (1 means Alarm with sound, 0 means mute)
Set boundary arm 19 + X + 0/1 (0 close, 1 open) + F4 (confirm key) X means zone number, can be 01-16
Set door bell 60 + X +0/1 (0 open, 1 close)+F4 X means zone number, can be 1-8
Advanced Setting (may not know)
Set User Code 31 + XXXX + F4 XXXX is 4 numbers of user code   Only for Central Monitoring Station
Set interval time fo self-inspection report 41 + XX + F4 XX means time, can be 00-99 hours.
Set Arm (exit) delay time 40 + XXX + F4 XXX means time, can be 000-255 seconds
Set Alarm time 43 + XXX + F4 XXX means time, can be 000-255 seconds
Alarm receiving number format setting 77 + X + Y + F4 X means group number can be 0-6, Y is format can be 0, 1, 2 (0: Contact ID, 1: 4+2, 2: Caller ID).
Set Report Content 33 + 0/1 (Arm/Disarm) + 0/1 (program) + 0/1 (low battery) + 0/1 (alarm system start)+ F4  
Set Report Content 34 + 0/1 (AC power ON/OFF) + 1 + 1+ F4  
Disable ABC Key 67 + 0/1 (Disable ABC Key/Open ABC key) + F4 Default setting is enable ABC key
Remote Arm Ring time 72 + Times + F4 Time can be 1-9
Set remote control without password 74 + 0/1 + F4 0 means need input password, 1 means doesn't need input password
Cut-line Alert ON/OFF 78 + 0/1 +F4 0 means no alarm for cut telephone line, 1 means check line status.
Set Alarm Sound time 41 + XX + F4 XX means time can be 00-40, alarm time= (00-40) X 30 seconds
Preset time Arm/Disarm (auto) 45 + XX +YY + F4 XX means hours,YY means minutes
Preset time Arm(auto) 45 + XX +YY + F4 XX means hours(00-24),YY means minutes (00-60)
Preset time Disarm (auto) 46 + XX +YY + F4 XX means hours(00-24),YY means minutes (00-60)
Preset time Disarm (auto) 47 + XX +YY + F4 XX means hours(00-24),YY means minutes (00-60)
GSM function (need to know)
Enable phone number to send SMS 77+X+4+F4 X can be 0-6, means which phone number to send out SMS
Alarm phone dialing mode 79+X+F4 X means dialing mode, can be 0 means only using GSM, 1 means try telephone line, then GSM, 2 means only use telephone line
Enable SMS Self-check Alert 32 + Arm(0/1) + Disarm (0/1) + Power cut (0/1) + Low Battery (0/1)+ F4 1 means enable (sending SMS), 0 means disable(do not send SMS)
Upload Alert to CMS 33 + Arm(0/1) + Disarm (0/1) + Program (0/1) + Turn On (0/1) + F4
34 + AC OFF (0/1) + AC Restore (0/1) + Low Battery (0/1) + Short Circuit Keypad (0/1) + F4
1 means enable (upload to CMS), 0 means disable(do not upload to CMS)
SMS commands for remote Arm/Disarm User code (6 digital) + 1 to Arm system
User code (6 digital) + 2 to Disarm system
Note: Using mobile phone to edit the SMS as above send to alarm system for remote controlling, before do this, make sure you enabled remote control functions (711+F4 enable remote control)
User edit the SMS content User code (6 digital) + XX + Content
User code (6 digital) + 17 + Content [Arm]
User code (6 digital) + 18 + Content [Disarm]
User code (6 digital) + 19 + Content [press fire button on keypad]
User code (6 digital) + 20 + Content [press emergency button on keypad]
User code (6 digital) + 21 + Content [press burglar button on keypad]
User code (6 digital) + 22 + Content [AC cut]
User code (6 digital) + 23 + Content [Battery run out]
User code (6 digital) + 24 + Content [Short circuit of keypad]
User code (6 digital) + 25 + Content [Telephone line Cut]
Note: Using mobile phone edit above SMS and sent to alarm system (SIM number), Alarm system will auto store the information, when these event is triggered, the alarm system will send out these information, not the default info in alarm system

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