App connected smart pet feeder

Best Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera

Our lovely pets are the best companions, no doubt their healthy is important, eating right food and having good nutrition is crucial. But sometimes, we have to left them in house alone because we need to go out for a while also can not find a pet keeper. How can we be assured that our pets are safe and eat meals on time? In the old days, we can’t. Today, technology becomes more and more advanced, smart products are common in our daily life. Intending to make pet feeding become easy and convenient, many companies has launched smart pet feeder products which allow pet parents to remotely feed their pets through smartphone app, some products even come with a HD camera, so that you’re able to watch live video and interact with your sweetheart and record video.

#1 What’s smart pet feeder?

Pet feeder is an essential tool to raise a dog or cat. Smart pet feeder is a product that has a Wi-Fi communication module can make it go to online, therefore you are able to control it through smartphone App. It makes remotely feeding become a reality. In addition to set meal time to feed pets automatically. You can manually feed them and set food portion, additionally receive feedback for each meal, therefore you can carefully track the food consumption.

#2 Is HD camera very useful?

Smart pet feeder with a HD camera is a new revolutionary product for pet feeding. Besides feeding, we also wanna know what our pets are doing in house when we are away, we can play and interact with them remotely when we are not at home. Instead of using a separate pet monitor camera, smart pet feeder with a HD camera is the best choice. It’s a one product can provide two different function.

#3 What’s the advantages of smart pet feeder?

Smart pet feeder can give you peace of mind and make raising pets become less stressful. It allows you feed your pets just like you are at home, you can call them to have meal through smartphone and control food portions and track foods consumption, even watch video remotely. Most importantly, today the price of smart pet feeder becomes less expensive, now every dog/cat owners can afford it.

The advantages of smart pet feeder includes:

  • Remotely feed when you’re away
  • Set timer to automatically feed dogs in case you forget
  • Call your pets to have meal remotely
  • Dispenses dry and wet food
  • Interact with your pets through HD video
  • Record videos to memory card
  • Monitoring indoor house
  • Receive instant push notification alert

#4 Possible problems or disadvantages of smart pet feeder?

Smart pet feeder is an automation product, but it can not be suitable for all kind of foods. Most of smart pet feeder only can be filled with dry foods. Using smart pet feeder, you can not feed your dogs/cats with wet food. Smart pet feeders need to use power supply, some pet feeders don’t have back-up battery design. In case power is outage, they stop working.

Smart Pet Feeder with HD Camera

#5 How to choose smart auto pet feeder?

Right liter size: when buying a smart pet feeder you should know how many foods your pets regularly eat a day, then you are able to choose the right liter size pet feeder can provide sufficient foods when you’re away. A medium size such as 6 liter is recommended, it can provide up to 15 days food to cats. It’s the best choice, if you go on a short trip.

With HD camera: automatic pet feeder is a good product, but with a HD camera one is great. It’s recommended to choose a smart pet feeder has a HD camera, it costs not much money, but brings you many benefits.

#6 Best smart pet feeder with a webcam?

Smart pet feeder is suitable all kind of animals eat dry pet foods. Unifore smart pet feeder is the best gift for your lovely dog or cat. It can use 1-15 diameter dimension dry food. The product relies on plug and play feature, so that can be easily hooked to Internet. It has a megapixel camera can capture real-time 720p HD video. Built-in microphone and speaker, pet parents can talk with pets. Built-in microSD card slot, can record HD video and playback remotely in smartphone remotely. Backup battery design in case the electricity power is outage. Removable container design, easy to clean. Protective magnetic lock design to discourage pets from stealing food from the unit. With a smart pet feeder, you’ll never worry about running late at work or over-feeding your pet again. You’ll always know a meal is ready and waiting for your cat or dog when breakfast and dinnertime roll around.