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Battery powered smart doorbell camera Ingenic T10/T20 SoC Solution

Ingenic is a Chinese stock listed semi-conductor company develops a wide range of system-on-chips (SoCs) which are applied to video surveillance, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart wearies etc more fields. The company is one of solution suppliers for Xiaomi, 360, Hikvision security cameras. Dedicating to digital HD video surveillance, the company offers T10 and T20 SoC can handle maximum 3-megapixel resolution video processing.

Comparing with other solution, Ingenic T10 and T20 are competitive because of extreme low power consumption and fast bootup speed. These two features enable them to become one of good processors for battery-powered cameras and doorbells. Due to incentive scheme supported by Chinese government, Ingenic can provide products price lower than market.

Ingenic T20 Datasheet

CPU Architecture XBurst single core, up to 1GHz.
MXU2.0 IVS Engine, innovative 128 bit SMID extension instruction
32KB L1 I-cache and 32KB L1 D-cache.
128KB L2 unified cache.
Hardware floating point unit.
Encoder engine H.264 high profile
Smart H.264 features
Encode Performance  Max resolution 2048*2048
Up to H.264 1080P@60fps encode
H.264 multiple streams: 1080P@30fps+D1@30fps+JPEG@15fps
8 ROIs, 5-layer OSD with hardware
Lens shading correction
Advanced spatial noise reduction
Motion-adaptive temporal noise reduction (3D de-noise)
Multi-exposure HDR image fusion (WDR)
Space-variant HDR processing
Host tuning tools
Memory  Capacity of 512Mbit and 1Gbit
Computer Vision  Motion Detection/Perimeter Protection
Face Detection
Human Detection
People Counting
License Plate Recognition
CMOS Sensor  Supports 8/10/12-bit parallel input
2-lane MIPI CSI
Audio  Integrated 92dB audio codec
AAC, G726, G711, PCM encoding
Echo cancellation
Security  AES/DES/3DES by Hardware
Global unique Chip ID
32Byte customer OTP 
Physical Feature Typical less than 550mW power consumption including DDRII
TFBGA181 ROHS, ball pitch of 0.65mm,body size of 10mmx10mm

Smart Doorbell Security Camera Based on T10 SoC

Last year, we teared down one of smart doorbell security camera which utilized Ingenic T10 SoC. The doorbell camera is powered by rechargeable battery that lasts up to 90 days. The camera runs in standby mode, once the user wakes it up, it will quickly boot up and deliver video streams. It can allow users to answer door anywhere, anytime. In terms of video capability, it can supports 1.3 megapixels resolution HD video, built-in microphone and speaker to support 2-way talk.

Ingenic T10 SoC
Ingenic T10 SoC

Ingenic T20 1080P Smart Doorbell Video Camera

2018, we update the camera's hardware design to support 1080p video resolution. By leveraging Ingenic T20 SoC, new smart doorbell camera is able to deliver crystal clear video with 1920x1080 resolution. We also add several different models to cater the variety needs.

SD K2 Smart Doorbell Camera
SD F3 Smart Doorbell Camera
SD K1 Smart Doorbell Camera
SD F4 Smart Doorbell Camera

360 Outdoor Smart Security Camera

Outdoor Security Camera based on Ingenic T20 SoC

360 outdoor camera adopts Ingenic T20 SoC, it features 1080p video resolution, Wi-Fi connection, IP66 weatherproof design. It can be applied to HD video surveillance system for house, school, shop, factory and more places. The camera uses Sony IMX323 CMOS image sensor, delivering FHD resolution video with crystal clear image quality.

Outdoor Camera 6mm Lens Viewing Angle

The camera is equipped with a 6mm lens, lens'viewing angle reaches 75 degree, viewing distance range from 5 meter to 30 meter.

Outdoor Camera 1080p Resolution

Users can easily setup and install the camera, it supports 360 App, camera and remote server use HTTPS connection to protect data transmission. For video storage, it can support microSD memory card for local video storage, or users can subscribe cloud storage for a more secure redundant video backup.

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