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Buying cheap security cameras? You should realize the real cost

Welcome Luke, he is the senior product manager in security company that specializing in security cameras. Recently he wrote an article to explain why customers should stay away from cheap security cameras if they realize the real cost. No matter you are a homeowner who decides to have an video surveillance system intending to improve the home security or a person favors cheaper products, Luke listed the disadvantages of buying cheap security cameras in his article.

Disadvantages of buying cheap security cameras

1. Poor written English manual, it’s very difficult to setup and use the cheap cameras. Cheap security cameras also use poor quality accessories (e.g. AC/DC power adapter) which are consistently poorly constructed can either ruin the camera or worst case scenario, start a fire. Poor security cameras, DVRs and NVRs lack the basic surge protection, a small power surge will damage systems and even burn out the HDDs.

2. Saving the cost on cameras, but could end up paying more in the long term due to such reason as breakdowns and shorter service life of your system. Cheap security cameras use cheaper parts and lower standard quality control and will fail more often.

3. Cheap system may not reliably serve its purpose of providing uninterrupted video monitoring of your home and business as low-cost products tend to break down and malfunction easily due to the low quality of materials or components used in their products.

4. Those cheap cameras claim to be 720p or 1080p, or even 4-megapixel, but the real video captured by the system can turn out to be very poor, such that you will not be able to analysis the video to determine the identity of the suspects who ransacked your home or recognize the car plate license number and other many details. Furthermore, the courts may refuse to accept the CCTV footage as evidence against the criminals during the prosecution because of their poor quality.

People are prone to be tempting to save money on choosing cheap security cameras. However, when all things are considered, making a larger initial investment will save you money in the long run. Here are benefits of using a high quality security system.

Benefits of installing a security system of high quality

1. High quality cameras are manufactured in certified factories, while low-cost cameras are usually assembled in small family workshops. In addition to providing well-written English manual, they usually have warranties and have longer service life than low-cost ones. A high quality system will have longer and more reliable service life than cheap ones, thus providing a better return on your investment.

2. More efficient and dependable. When installing a high-quality system, you will have more peace of mind as you expect the system to function efficiently and reliably and keep maintenance costs low. You can also avoid such hassles as malfunctions and false alarms.

3. A high quality security camera not only uses high quality CMOS image sensor and processor, it will comes with high quality glass lens to capture vivid video with decent image quality, while cheap security cameras use plastic low resolution lens therefore producing poor quality video.

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