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Western Digital Purple 64GB microSD Card

Durable 32GB/64GB microSD memory card for HD security camera

4K UHD resolution security camera is prone to be next trend in video surveillance industry, as a leading storage solution provider - Western Digital recently launched video surveillance dedicated microSD card - Purple microSD to cater increasing needs ffor robust and dynamic data storage requirements. New products including 32GB and 64GB capacity will be sold in the end of this month through Western Digital authorized distributor network.

According to white pater, merely 39% IP cameras use microSD cards. This ratio will increase to 63% in the following years to 2021. Under 4K or even 8K ultra high definition resolution, the possible ratio can reach 70% or even 80%. Meanwhile, since digital security cameras are used in large scale of small businesses and residential, front IP cameras to be equipped with microSD memory card will be an inevitable trend. Therefore, Western Digital promptly released microSD memory card.

Comparing with normal microSD memory cards, Western Digital purple card featuring highlights as below:

Robust continuous recording capability: Supporting up to 1000 PE cycle. PE cycle determines the expectancy time of microSD card, it tells you when your microSD card will be dead or defective. Here we do a simple comparison, under 8MB/s bitrate and 7 days/24 hours recording conditions, even using a 256GB SD card, its life expectancy is less than 24 months. However, 64GB Western Digital Purple microSD card can achieve life expectancy more than 2 years.

Easy maintenance status monitoring: for compatible security cameras, they can provide working status information for microSD card, these info including card durability and capacity data, to accomplish pre-maintenance to reduce hassles.

For high performance video storage: providing up to 80MB/s continuous reading and 50MB/s continuous recording speed, support Speed Class 10 and UHS Speed Class 1.

Wide operating temperature: can work properly under a super wide temperature from -25 Celsius degree to 85 Celsius degree. The best choice for indoor and outdoor security cameras may operate under extreme weather conditions.

Video recording redundant: offering up to 64GB capacity. When encounter electricity outage, network disruption etc unexpected circumstances, and NVR or DVR doesn’t record/save data in time, Western Digital Purple microSD memory card can provide you the redundant solution by recording data in edge. When network connection is restored, microSD card can transmit lost frame or video re-upload to NVR, DVR or even cloud servers.