FAQ for GSM PSTN alarm system G70

Why the alarm system make "di, di, di" sound or trigger false alarm, even the alarm system is in Disarm status ?

As default, the alarm system enabled the sensor's low battery function, this function is not stable may caused some false low battery alert and lead the alarm system make "di, di, di" sound or even alarm panel freeze. How to solve this ?  You need to disable this function, by press commands. Download the document as below:


What are zone types? Can I set partial arm?

There are 3 zones types for the  alarms, which are Perimeter zone, Motion zone, and Emergency zone. The alarm system allows you to define the zone type for each zone.

* Perimeter zone (Outer zone defense): Detecting the space like doors, windows, etc., generally use wireless door magnet sensors and wireless curtain PIR sensors.
* Motion zone (Inner zone defense): Detecting the space like living room, aisles and bedrooms, room doors etc., generally use wireless wide-angle PIR sensors and door sensors.
* Emergency zone: Detecting the space like emergency area (such as emergency distress, medical rescue, gas leakage, smoke and fire alarm, etc., this zone keep 24-hour monitoring status automatically. Generally for panic button, wireless gas sensor and wireless smoke sensor.

After setting the zone types, the user can arm the alarm in either "Armed Away" mode or "Armed Home" mode.

* "Armed Away" mode: Once any detector in perimeter zones or motion zones is triggered, the host will set off the alarm immediately and dial your preset numbers automatically.
* "Armed Home" mode: Once any detector in perimeter zones is triggered, the host will alarm immediately and dial your preset numbers automatically. It will not alarm after any detector in the motion zone is triggered.

User can also enable or disable a particular zone by setting the alarm host on the toudpad.

What happens in a power cut?

VSTAR G70 have rechargeable batteries that can keep the system powered for at least 12 hours in order to maintain the alarm protection. The alarm host will also send a sms power-cut alert to the user to notify about the power failure event. It will also give out beeps sounds to indicate alarm power-cut. Back-up batteries can be re-charged when power returns.

Is it hard to install the alarm system?

Actually, there is no installation in wireless appliance device that can be hidden out of sight, and simple plugs into a standard wall outlet. Sensors can be placed where they are needed for best protection. The siren plugs into a wall outlet or control panel. The key is portable.
A wireless home security system uses small radio transmitters instead of wires to send the necessary signals between the system sensors and control panel. This means there is no drilling necessary and you can take the system with you when you move.

How many wireless accessories can be added?

G70 series have 29 wireless zones. Zone 0 to zone 1 are reserved for remote controls, and zone 2 to zone 29 are reserved for wireless sensors. Each zone can match with 4 accessories. Therefore, the system can work with 8 remote controls and 112 sensors. The system has Zone 30, but this is reserved for Door Bell feature.

What is a smart sensor?

This is a brand new feature in VSTAR system. The smart sensor recorded in the system can determine if a door/window is opened or closed. This is particularly useful for doors/windows on the perimeter zone, because the system will remind you a door/window is not closed when you try to arm the system.

Can I remote arm / disarm the alarm host?

G70 Alarm System allows you to remotely arm or disarm the alarm host by calling or by sending sms. The user can also call to the alarm host to listen to the background sound of the alarm host, and listen to the pre-recorded alert message.

Can VSTAR G70 alarm system work without SIM Card ?

The answer is YES. VSTAR G70 offers auto-dial feature with the use of a SIM card. If you don not operate the system with a SIM card, you will not be able to use the auto-dial feature, but you can still operate the alarm system. When the alarm is triggered, it will activate the siren to give out loud sound to alert the user, neighbours, or to scare away the thief.

Why walking from the PIR motion sensor, the G70 make "di, di" sound in Disarm status ?

The reason is user have set the PIR motion zone into smart zone.  User should not set the motion zone belong to smart zone. After you did that, you need go to disable the smart zone for the PIR, and select "Door status" to "CL", and select "Zone Indicator" to "NO".