Goke IP Camera SoC

GK7202 GK7301 H.265 SoC included in Goke’s roadmap

Goke, the Chinese government funded integrated circuit developer and manufacturer expanded its business to IP video surveillance by launching GK7101 and GK7102 HD network camera SoCs in 2015. The company unveiled new GK7101S and GK7102S SoCs on the recent CPSE security exhibition held in Beijing. Additionally, it also demonstrated the next H.265 SoC supporting image resolution from Full HD 1080p to 4K UHD format.

Goke GK7101S and GK7102S SoC

Last year, we wrote an article to introduce their GK7101 and GK7102 SoCs dedicated for HD IP cameras. The newly released GK7101S and GK7102S not only integrated with the latest image signal processor, but also lowered power consumption, added extra peripheral interfaces such as supporting LCD screen. In addition to IP camera application, now the new SoC extends its application field to Dashcam, video doorphone etc products that LCD screen is needed.

Goke H.265 SoC GK7202

In order to achieve fast boot time, Goke firstly launched RTOS real-time operation system. The RTOS system features many advantages including fast wakeup time which the important feature that required by doorphone, doorbell, sport DV, dashcam etc products, most of these products are powered by batteries, RTOS system can integrate extreme lower power sleep function to make this solution to be fit. In Goke’s roadmap, the company now is developing H.265 SoC – GK7202.

Compared with the existing H.264, H.265 standard is able to increase video compression ratio double times, which leads to reducing the usage of bandwidth and video storage to half. H.265 is the inevitable trend in IP video surveillance industry, the company plans to launch the Full HD 1080p H.265 IPC SoC in Q1, 2017. The SoC supports 3 megapixel, 5 megapixel and 4K etc a series H.265 IPC SoCs are expected to release on Q4, 2017. Consequently, the company can provide a complete H.264 and H.265 product portfolio to cover the demands from low-end to high-end users.

Goke H.265 SoC GK7202
Goke H.265 SoC GK7202

Goke 4K H.265 NVR SoC - GK7301

No merely concentrating on developing solution for front-end IP cameras, the company also plans to release new SoCs to be used in NVR products. The company has successfully lanuched GK7301, which is an ARM Cortext A17 fourcore architecture based SoC dedicating for network video recorders. Goke GK7301 has the 4K@30fps or 4CH 1080p@30fps video decoding capability, supporting both H.265 and H.264 video compression standard, it also comes with a GPU module built-in to handle flexiable applications such as video analystics and panoramic de-warp processing.

In conclusion, by offering a complete IP video solution covering both front-end and back-end products, the company is now competing with other rivals such as the Huawei’s Hisilicon and Grain Media, Ambarella. We expect Goke’s SoCs will be massively utilized by Chinese IP video and IoT products.

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