Hybrid 4CH/8CH/16CH H.265 DVR

Hybrid 4CH/8CH/16CH H.265 DVR Hi3531A Hi3521A Hi3520DV300

Hisilicon is a leading SoC developer, the company is renowned by offering low-cost HD video solution for different video surveillance applications including IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs. Today, you can find plenty of made-in-china security products which utilize Hisilicon SoCs as the core processors. Intending to embrace the trends of future video surveillance, Hisilicon starts to gradually update its existing products to new version which can not only offer higher resolution, but also support H.265/HEVC video format. 

To H.265 network camera applications, Hisilicon has Hi3518EV200, Hi3516D, Hi3516A, Hi3519V200 SoCs. To H.265 NVR applications, the Hisilicon released Hi3536, Hi3798MV200 SoCs. To H.265 DVRs applications, Hisilicon recently launched Hi3531A, Hi3521A, Hi3520D V300 SoCs. All these new DVR SoCs can support H.265/HEVC video compression standard. These SoCs can bring low bit rate of benefits of H.265 to both home monitoring and mainstream professional DVRs. We also expected H.265 to begin volume shipments in 2017, we believe the H.265 format will be mainstream in subsequent years.

In addition to adoption of the H.265, interoperability problem among different HD analog technologies have been resolved as the new DVRs can accept 5IN1 video signal inputs. That means the DVR can not only work with your AHD/HDTVI/HD-CVI/CVBS cameras, but also work with IP cameras. CVBS means CVBS video signal, it’s the video specification that your traditional 650TVL/700TVL analog cameras comply. The maximum resolution the CVBS can support is the 960H/WD1.

In terms of video recording resolution, H.265 AHD DVRs can support  video recording with up to 4 megapixel resolution. Other supported lower resolution including 3-megapixel, 1080P, 720P. The H.265 DVRs are equipped with HDMI and VGA for dual video output. They have 2x SATA ports, each port maximum supports 8TB, hence the total storage can reach up to 16TB.  It should be noted that it support UTC function, UTC is the abbreviation of Up The Coax, the UTP can allow user to remotely adjust camera’s parameter through DVR.

As usual, H.265 AHD DVRs will support P2P platform, users can run the App in smartphone to watch HD live video anywhere, anytime. They come with free video management software, can support centralized video surveillance solution. Instead of using registered H.265 mark, many Chinese manufacturers use the H.264+ in product's description.

16CH 5MP H.265 DVR Dual Hi3531A SoCs
16CH 5MP H.265 DVR Dual Hi3531A SoCs
16CH 4MP H.265 DVR Hi3531A
16CH 4MP H.265 DVR Hi3531A
4CH 4MP H.265 DVR Hi3531A
4CH 4MP H.265 DVR Hi3531A
8CH 4MP H.265 DVR Hi3521A
8CH 4MP H.265 DVR Hi3521A
4CH 4MP H.265 DVR Hi3520D V300
4CH 4MP H.265 DVR Hi3520D V300
  Model 4-Channel 8-Channel 16-Channel 16-Channel
System Main Processor Hisilicon Hi3520D V300 Hisilicon Hi3521A Hisilicon Hi3531A Hislicon Hi3531A
OS Embedded Linux OS
System resources Multiple channel preview, recording, playback, remote surveillance, USB backup
UI UD 16bit graphic user interface, user-intuitive operation
Preview 1/4 1/4/8/9 1/4/8/9/16 1/4/8/9/16
Video Codec H.264+ (H.265) /H.264
Output VGA, HDMI(max. 1080P) VGA (max. 1080P);HDMI(max. 4K UHD)
Preview 4*4MPP@15fps(AHD)/ 4*3MP@18fps(AHD)/4*1080P (5 in 1) 8*4MPP@15fps(AHD)/ 8*3MP@18fps(AHD)/8*1080P (5 in 1) 16*4MPP@15fps(AHD)/ 16*3MP@18fps(AHD)/16*1080P(5 in 1) 16*4MPP@15fps(AHD)/ 16*3MP@18fps(AHD)/16*1080P(5 in 1)
Encoding capability 4*4MPP@8fps(AHD)/ 4*3MP@10fps(AHD)/ 4*1080P@15fps(5 in 1)/4*720P(5 in 1) 8*4MP@8fps(AHD)/ 8*3MP@10fps(AHD)/8*1080P@15fps(5 in 1)/ 8*720P(5 in 1) 16*4MP@8fps(AHD)/ 16*3MP@10fps(AHD)/16*1080P @15fps (5 in 1) / 16*720P(5 in 1) 16*4MPP@8fps(AHD)/ 16*3MP@10fps(AHD)/16*1080P @15fps (5 in 1) / 16*720P(5 in 1)
Decoding capability 4*4MPP@8fps(AHD) / 4*3MP@10fps(AHD)/ 4*1080P@15fps(5 in 1)/ 4*720P(5 in 1) 4*4MPP@8fps(AHD)/ 4*3MP@10fps(AHD)/4*1080P@15fps(5 in 1)/ 4*720P(5 in 1) 8*4MPP@8fps(AHD)/ 8*3MP@10fps(AHD)/8*1080P @15fps (5 in 1) / 8*720P(5 in 1) 8*4MPP@8fps(AHD)/ 8*3MP@10fps(AHD)/8*1080P @15fps (5 in 1) /8*720P(5 in 1)
Multiple modes AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS: 4*4MP;
IP:16*1080P; 9*1080P;16*960P;4*5MP;
IP:8*3MP ;4*5MP
Motion Detection Sensitivity is adjustable.
Audio Audio Codec G.711A
2-Way audio Support
Record & playback Recode mode manual, alarm, motion detection, schedule
Search Channel, Time, Date, Calender, Event
Storage Video storage Internal HDDs, Network
Backup USB disc, network, portable HDD
Interface Video input 4CH BNC 8CH BNC 16CH BNC
Video output 1CH VGA, 1CH HDMI
Loop-out N/A
Audio input 4CH RCA 4CH RCA (can extend to 8CH) 2CH RCA (can extend to 6CH) 0CH RCA (can extend to 16CH)
Audio output 1CH RCA
Alarm I/O N/A (can extend to 4CH) >N/A (can extend to 16CH)
Alarm output >N/A (can extend to 1CH) >N/A (can extend to 4CH)
Network RJ45 10M/100M Self-adaptive Ethernet
PTZ 1x RS485;support multiple protocols N/A (can extend to 1x RS485, 1x RS232; support multiple protocols)
USB 2x USB ports
SATA 2x SATA HDDs (max. 8TB each) 4x SATA HDDs (max. 8TB each)
Wireless 3G, WIFI dongle
Other Power supply 12V/4A 12V/6A
Power consumption >=15W (Not include HDD)
Temperature 0℃—+55℃
Working humidity 10%—90%
Dimension 200mm*78mm 200mm*78mm 235mm*90mm
Weight 171g 196g 279g

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