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Grain Media GM8139/GM8138/GM8138S

Introduction to Grain Media GM8139/GM8138/GM8138S IP camera SoC

Headquartered in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, Grain Media is a leading provider of low-power, high definition IP camera, NVR/DVR SoC solution. Unifore newly launched home IP cameras leverage Grain Media SoCs including GM8135S and GM8136S.

In this article, we intend to introduce you the next-generation 4Kx2K IP camera SoC series processors including GM8139/GM8138/GM8138S, this series System-on-chip (SoC) adopt 40nano low-power TSMC 40nm process. Integrating Grain Media’s third generation TrueColor image processing and high performance serial interface (MIPI/Sub-LVDS/HiSPi) technology, can provide 4Kx2K/5-Megapixel/2-Megapixel/1080P high definition IP camera solution, to meet the ultra high definition demand in video surveillance market.

GM8139/GM8138/GM8138S series processors comes with complete new TrueColor image processor, high efficient H.264 HP/MP encoding engine, and 3D noise reduction technology. Under reflecting light and other high contrast lighting environment, the camera still can capture high quality image by using its WDR 3A functionality, also can greatly lower the video stream bitrate. Smart-IVS engine + High efficient ARM CPU (max. 800MHz) built-in, offering improved smart video analysis capability. This series processors integrate Faraday Technology combusive interface (MIPI/Sub-LVDS/HiSPi) technology, support working with CMOS image sensors from Omnivision, Sony, SOI, SmartSens, ON Semiconductor, Panasonic etc.

GM8139 Block Diagram

Among them, GM8138S has DDRIII RAM built-in, using 12x12mm BGA packaging, can greatly simplify the final product design, reduce PCB board size, offering great flexibility on product appearance design, perfectly suitable for 1080P/720P consumer type and portable cost-effective IP cameras.

Model No. Codec Performance Core CPU DDR Package Remark    
GM8139  1080P 60fps  800MHz  32/16Bits  256 BGA GM8139/38 vs GM8136/35 Series     
GM8138  1080P 45fps  800MHz  16Bit  256 BGA  Items Capture I/F   SD  USB Remark 
GM8138S  1080P 45fps  800MHz  SiP 1GB DDRIII  196 BGA  GM8139/38   BT565/1120, Bayer MiPI/SubLVDS/HiSPI   x1   x1   GM8138S (1GB DDRIII) 
GM8136  1080P 35fps  600MHz  32/16Bits  256 BGA
GM8136S  1080P 35fps  600MHz  SiP 1GB DDRIII  196 BGA  GM8136/35   BT565/1120, Bayer MiPI/SubLVDS   x2   x2 


GM8135S (512MB DDRII)

GM8135S  720P 60fps  600MHz  SiP 512MB DDRIII  196 BGA

IP Camera Solution Feature

  • Simple system hardware structure
  • Lower eBOM cost of completely system
  • Support up to 1080p@45fps maximum system performance.
  • Suitable for 1M /1.3M /2M /3M /5M pixels IPCAM product application
  • Wide Multiple CMOS Sensor I/Fs support (e.g. Parallel , RGB Bayer, MIPI, HiSPi, Sub-LVDS …etc)
  • Fully support multi-vendor’s CMOS sensor (e.g. Sony, Aptina, Omnivision, Panasonic, Toshiba, Himax ..etc)
  • Excellent Image quality
  • WDR, DRC, 3A, 3D De-Noise
  • Ultra-lower lux support
  • Wi-Fi module support
  • Ralink: RT3070, RT5370, MT7601, MT7603
  • Realtek: RTL8188, RTL8723
  • Support IR-Cut for Day/Night mode
  • Support Specific Audio feature:
  • Voice Detection
  • Baby Crying Detection
  • Fully Duplex
  • Audio Echo Cancellation

Grain Media SoCs are exclusively designed for IP cameras, creating value for customers, fit market applications, cost-effective, Grain Media solution main advantages including:

Enhanced DV level image quality

Grain Media had done a great improvement on image processing, no matter incoporating Sony, OmniVision, SmartSens CMOS image sensor, the image processor can capture true color reproduction and vivid color image. It can deliver the same image processing performance with Ambarella.

Improved video encoding

The previous Grain Media SoCs only support Baseline Profile H.264 video compression, the new generation GM8138/39 series have added Main Profile and High Profile support, video encoding efficiency and anti-motion blur effect are greatly improved.

Diversify Sensor Interface

The new generation SoC now supports 4-Lane MIPI/LVDS/HiSPi/Parallel interface, meet the needs of almost all image sensor interfaces.

Resolution support up to 8-Megapixel

As the new generation IP camera solution, offering 720p to 8-megapixel @ 15fps video resolution. Covering the needs from low definition to ultra high definition.

Built-in intelligent video engine (IVS)

The top-notch GM8139 includes such as convolution, statistical histogram, butterfly algorithm, recursive algorithm as an intelligent analysis module to achieve multiple intelligent video analysis.

High performance

This series of IP camera SoC supports speed up to 1GHz, memory support 32Bit. To meet the high CPU load video application.

Rich peripheral interfaces

Grain Media knows the market well, so the new IPC SoC come with rich peripheral interfaces. For example, supporting USB 2.0 OTG, SDC3.0, also in order to extend the applications, these SoCs can directly support 3G/4G cellular modem, WiFi module.

Low cost, Low power consumption

GM8138S has integrated 1Gbit DDR3, not only making single-chip solution easier., but also lower the total power consumption. This processor can offer 2-megapixel @ 45 fps video encoding capability.

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