Introduction to NVP2080/2090 NVP2180/2190 from Nextchip

Nextchip is one of famous security imaging technology solution provider which based in South Korea. The company is specializing in design of the semiconductor chips for video security systems.

Since Sony launched its "Effio" series ISP for video surveillance camera to offer 960H solution. Other competitors such as Samsung and Nextchip was introduced its new range of image signal processors for high resolution video surveillance solution. These ISP including NVP2080/2090, NVP2180/2190, all these chips can work with 960H CCD image sensor with wide dynamic function (WDR).

Introduction of NVP2080/2090

NVP2080/2090 is an image signal processor(ISP) which outputs CVBS or S-Video data format after receiving color filter array(CFA) patterns from color-interlaced CCD sensor(510/760/960H). It is processed through an internal encoder and DAC. For providing high color reproduction, NVP2080/2090 has basic but significant function such as AE(Auto Exposure) and AWB(Auto White Balance). It also provides OSD with various kinds of languages without extra MCU and supports RS-485 & Coaxial communication for remote control, parking line guide and horizontal mirror for rear-view camera application, lens shading correction and motion detection for users'convenience. Above all, 700TVL resolution of NVP2080/2090 will give you clear picture to scan every detail.

Nextchip NVP2080/2090

Key features

  • Horizontal resolution 700TVL
  • On-Chip AFE
  • Enhanced Smart IR, 2D-NR
  • D-WDR
  • De-moire
  • Motion detection (48×15)
  • Dead pixel correction (White & Black)
  • High light compensation
  • Lens shading correction
  • Parking line guide display
  • Privacy mask (8 zones)
  • OSD: English/Chinese[S]/Chinese/Spanish/Russian/Japanese/Portuguese/German/French
  • RS-485 (Pelco-D/P, Nextchip)
  • Coaxial Comm. (Pelco-C)

NVP2180/2190 ISP

NVP2180/2190 is a high-end and high-performance image signal processor (ISP) to upgrade your CCTV camera. With αWDR(Alpha Wide Dynamic Range) and F-DNR(Fog Digital Noise Reduction), you will have a distinct image in any severe circumstances: ambient light, fog, rain, etc. αWDR is advanced technology than conventional WDR will make you look into the bright scene as well the dark scene at the same time. This enhanced image can be also improved by using combination of D-WDR and 3D-NR. In addition, new special features include DIS (Digital Image Stabilizer), PIP (picture in picture), Polygon privacy mask zone, which bring with effective higher performances. More features such as sens-up, smart digital zoom, motion detection, and user define OSD, etc. will help you to have better images you need.

Nextchip NVP2190/2180

Key features

  • α Wide Dynamic Range (αWDR)
  • F-DNR (Defog)
  • Semi Autofocus (AF)
  • Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS)
  • Smart-NR (3D-NR+Motion detection)
  • D-WDR
  • Low shutter(up to x 256)
  • Dead pixel correction
  • Motion detection (4 areas)
  • Polygon privacy mask (8 zones)
  • Smart IR / Smart D-Zoom
  • Line-lock external synchronization
  • PIP / User defined OSD
  • On-Chip SDRAM & MCU & Flash memory

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