Introduction to Sony Effio-A, Effio-V ISP

Dated back to 2009, Sony launched its newest "Effio" series image signal processor for working with CCD image sensor, which can deliver 960H/700TVL HD resolution images. The "Effio" series image sensor includes "Effio-E", "Effio-S", "Effio-P", today the Sony launched another two advanced image signal processors "Effio-V" and "Effio-A".

Effio-V (CXD4141GG) and Effio-A (CXD4151GG) are both high image quality which can deliver over 700 tv line resolution images from statement of Sony product's webpage.  That means 750 tv line or even 800 tv line security cameras based on Effio ISP will be available in market in near future. 

Cost effective fixed lens cameraSony Effio-V WDR 750TVL Camera
Latest Sony Effio-V image signal processor, supporting wide dynamic range, HD resolution, with infrared LEDs for night vision
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Effio-A 750TVL Security CameraEffio-A 750TVL Security Camera
Sony Effio-A powered HD security camera, 750TVL resolution, day&night security camera for indoor&outdoor applications.
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Over 700TVL resolution

Over 700 TVL resolution

Just like the above picture shows, being work with 960H CCD, both image signal processors can capture over 700 TVL resolution images.  960H CCD image sensor from Sony including (ICX810AKA/ICX811AKA/ICX662AKA/ICX663AKA/ICX668AKA/ICX669AKA/ICX872AKA/ICX873AKA/ICX672AKA/ICX673AKA/ICX678AKA/ICX679AKA)

2D+3D noise reduction with anti-blur function

2D+3D noise reduction anti-blur

The current model Effio-S and Effio-P both supports 2D+3D digital noise reduction, new Effio-V and Effio-A models increased the anti-blur function, which allow security cameras capture images without motion blur. This technology works both for static and motion scene.

wide dynamic range (WDR)

ATW (Auto Trace White)

Both models support wide dynamic range,double shutter method is adopted in the CCD image sensor for WDR. Compared with other Effio ISP, newest ISP with more wide range Auto Trace White(ATW),which enables camera can capture images with exact color reproduction. More over, the new Effio ISP is supporting defog, smart IR and high low illumination sensitivity features.

Sony Effio-V/A Application

  • Support 760H,960H WDR CCD
  • Annul ARM9 MCU in Effio-P/S but improved DSP and add new function : 1.Encryption technology 2.Lens Shading compensation 3.RS485 coaxial communication 4.Scene selection ‧Even without MCU ,develop tool can do some modification in OSD(ex : add company logo, character modify ,Index modify)
  • Integrated Line Lock circuit in DSP to avoid CCD color rolling

Sony Effio-V/A Application

In summary, analogue security camera will not stop at 700TVL resolution, with continuously development of CCD sensor and digital signal processor, 750TVL, 800TVL even more high resolution cameras will be available. IP cameras totally replace the analogue camera may stagnated.

*"Effio" and effio are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
*"ARM" is a trademark of ARM Limited.

Comparison between Effio-V, Effio-S, Enhanced Effio-E

Item “Effio-V” “Effio-S” ver.2 Enhanced “Effio-E” ver.2
Product name CXD4141GG CXD4130GG CXD4140AGG CXD4140BGG
Supported CCDs 960H, 760H WDR/Normal CCDs 960H, 760H Normal CCDs 960H, 760H, 510H Normal CCDs
Main functions Horizontal resolution Over 700 TVL Over 650 TVL
Wide dynamic range Yes No No
Noise reduction 2D&3D-NR 2D-NR
Day & Night Exposure control for IR light Yes Available ← Available ← Yes
Privacy mask Up to 20 masks 8 masks
E-zoom Yes No
Slow shutter (Sens-up) Yes No
Digital image stabilizer Yes No
AF detector Yes
Motion detection Yes
OSD Update Yes (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi) CXD4140AGG: (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese) CXD4140BGG: (English, Hindi, Tamil, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi)
Defog NEW Yes
RS-485 NEW Yes
Port driver 24 ports 16 ports
Automatic mechanical iris adjustment Yes
External synchronization LL, VSL, VBSLHP/HR, VRHR LL
Outputs Analog outputs Y/C separate, composite
Digital outputs ITU-R BT.656 (27 MHz) ITU-R BT.601 (13.5 MHz, Y/C 16 bits) CCD pixel number reference frequency (960H) ITU-R BT.656 (27 MHz) CCD pixel number reference frequency (960H, 760H, 510H)
Dual analog and digital outputs Yes

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