Introduction to Hisilicon DVR/NVR

HiSilicon (Chinese:海思) is one of famous processor designer and manufacturer which is with offices in China, USA and Sweden, the company headquarter is in Shenzhen, China. Almost made-in-china DVR/NVR are adopting HiSilicon ARM processor.The company is one of major sub-company of HuaWei.

HiSilicon provides ASICs and solutions for communication network and digital media. These ASICs are widely used in over 100 countries and regions around the world. In the digital media field, Hisilicon has already released the SoC and solution for network surveillance, videophone, DVB and IPTV.

The performance of processor determined the video recording resolution and functions. In order to get the accurate parameter for DVR, today, we are making simple introduction for the HiSilicon based digital video recorder and network video recorders.

The current selling DVR/NVR adopting HiSilicon chipset including Hi3511, Hi3512, Hi3520, Hi3531, Hi3532, Hi3521, Hi3521A, Hi3535, Hi3520D, Hi3530A & Hi3535A (2014)

HiSilicon DVR/NVR Processor

Product Features


  • ARM Cortex A9 Dual-Core @Max. 930MHZ, coding format H.264 High profile, downward compatible to Main profile and Base line
  • Support De-interlace, 3DNR, 1/16 slow and 8x fast playback, 2X electronic zoom
  • Support hardware ADPCM, G.711, G.726 audio format, AES, DES,3DES encryption

ARM Cortex A9 Dual-Core DVR

4CH D1 DVR Solution

  • Single Hi3520 4ch D1 DVR solution
  • 1280*1024 VGA display output
  • 4ch D1 recording
  • 4ch CIF network transmission

Hi3520 DVR/NVR Resolution

8CH D1 DVR Solution

  • Hi3520 8ch D1 DVR solution
  • 1280*1024 VGA display output
  • 8ch D1 recording
  • 8ch CIF network transmission

8CH HiSilicon DVR

HiSilicon based DVR/NVR
Launched Year Model Performance Resolution CPU Speed
2010 Hi3511 CIF 8 Channel at real time DVR CIF ARM9  288MHz
2010 Hi3512 CIF 4 channel at real time DVR CIF ARM9 288MHz
2010 Hi3520

16 channel CIF or 8 channel D1 real time, H.264, GMAC, HDVGA, 2 CVBS

CIF/D1 ARM9 600MHz
2011 Hi3515

8 channel CIF or 4 channel D1 DVR

CIF/D1 ARM9 400MHz
2011 Hi3531

16 channel D1 or 4 channel HD DVR/NVR

D1/HD Dual A9@1GHz
2011 Hi3532

16 channel D1 or 16 channel CIF encoder

D1/HD Dual A9@1GHz
2012 Hi3521

16 channel CIF or 8 channel D1 DVR

CIF/D1 A9 1GHz
2012 Hi3520A

16 channel CIF or 8 channel D1, or 4 channel 960H(4D1) DVR

CIF/D1/960H A9 1GHz
2013 Hi3535

4 channel 1080P NVR

NVR 1080P A9
2013 Hi3520D

8 CIF channel or 4 channel 960H (4D1) DVR

CIF/D1/960H ARM9 600MHz
2014 Hi3530A

8 channel 1080P DVR

1080P, H.265 Cortex A15
2014 Hi3535A

8/16 channel NVR, decoder, H.265

1080P Cortex A15

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