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Low cost smart Wi-Fi camera

Low Cost Smart HD Wireless Security Camera with Alarm Monitoring

Are you looking for a security camera for video surveillance application? As the leading security equipment manufacturer we recommend you our newly design smart security cameras they do many smart things beside remote video monitoring. IP security camera is so common today, but only few security cameras are really smart. GWIPBH02 from Unifore is one of smart camera brings they can not only send you push notification alert, but also support customized alarm monitoring. Most importantly, the cost of this smart camera is very low and it's the right camera for your home, shop, garage, warehouse, office and more places.

Low cost wireless security camera
Smart Wireless Security Camera
Camera Has A Built-in Wide Angle PIR Motion Sensor
A Built-in Wide Angle PIR Motion Sensor
Wireless + Ethernet Network Connection
2.4G Wi-Fi and RJ45 Ethernet Network Connection
Durable and High Quality Bracket
Durable and High Quality Bracket
microSD Card Slot 64GB Memory Card
microSD Card Slot to Support 64GB Memory Card
Flexible Swivel Bracket
Flexible Swivel Camera Bracket
Desktop or Wall/Ceiling Mountable
Desktop or Wall/Ceiling Mountable

Easy Setup No Need Be Tech-Savy

GWIPBH02 is an indoor modern, sleek design camera with a heavy-duty bracket. Unlike similar products in the market, this camera looks professional and bracket is solid and flexible. People like this camera at first sight. It's a smart camera but without complicated setup, users can easily connect it to router by adding it to the app with "SmartLink" function. "SmartLink" can use soundwave to config camera's Wi-Fi, so that you can hook it to your wireless router without running an Ethernet cable. In addition to supporting 2.4G Wi-Fi wireless, the camera also has an Ethernet port design, it's good for people who prefer wired network connection or wanna use Power over Ethernet technology.

Smart Detection Camera

720p HD resolution video, night vision, 3.6mm wide angle lens... we know these function very well, but GWIPBH02 can support more features, it has a built-in passive Infrared motion sensor, so that it can accurate detect the movement of people. Why PIR sensor?  Passive infrared sensor is the most widely used security sensor in alarm industry, it uses passive infrared detection technology, the detection accuracy is high, power consumption is extreme low. Comparing with video motion detection which is prone to trigger alarm even wind swing tree branches, PIR detection only trigger alarm when there is human being detected. The sensor can provide a 110 degree and up to 12 meters detection scope, it notifies you when there is someone enter into detection area.

Internet Burglar Alarm Camera

Although built-in a PIR sensor can provide you good detection, but it lacks flexibility. What if we want to get notified if someone enters your shop from back door such kind of places where no camera is installed?  GWIPBH02 can help you, it also has alarm RF module built-in to support alarm monitoring. It can pair up to 64pcs security sensors with camera. The camera and sensors communicate via 433MHz radio frequency (the standard frequency for wireless alarm panels). You can use for example a magnetic contact to detect close and open status of any windows and doors, can add some independent wireless PIR motion sensor to secure indoor rooms, or even use wireless smoke detectors to get notified if fire hazard is present. In a nutshell, using GWIPBH02, you can not just have a camera, but also an Internet burglar/fire alarm system.

Most Popular Security Camera App

All our smart cameras are based on cloudlinks platform which offers the most reliable and durable connection. It supports Yoosee app, which ranks the most downloaded and popular app for security camera. App is so important because it's the interface where you can remotely access the camera. More and more camera manufacturers join Yoosee alliance, not just because the app is perfect, it's because app keeps updating to tweak UI design, fix bugs, and introduce new function. Unlike other network cameras, the app can allow users to upgrade firmware remotely, it will let you know if a newer firmware is released, you can choose whether upgrade firmware or not.

In addition to app for Android and iOS smart devices, the camera comes with free video management software - CMSClient. CMSClient can run on all Windows operating system (XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10). The software allows you to achieve centralized video surveillance by supporting up to 45 sets of camera, it can offers video preview, record, playback, remote config, file convert and more function. Not just for local cameras, users can add remote (WAN/Internet) cameras to the software, therefore you can watch video on desktop computer or laptop computer whenever you're.

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