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VG-2T60 Solar Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Solar photoelectric beam sensor for modern security fencing system

Security fence system typically combines wire mesh fencing fabrics or panels and the fencing topping like wire, concertina wire or spikes topping together. Apparently, this conventional fence system is quite effective to prevent people entering or exiting premises, but looking harsh and prison like, cost is high, installation fee is huge.

In past years, photoelectric beam sensors are widely integrated to security fence system to provide you a cost-down and beautiful perimeter security system that alerts users if unauthorized people cross the perimeter. Photoelectric beam sensors have many advantages, because of using optical lens, the Infrared ray can travel up to 300 meters long range distance. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver, multiple Infrared beam rays form an invisible fence, only when all beam rays are interrupted simultaneously can set off the alarm. This method enables it to offer more reliable detection when comparing with passive infrared sensors.  Photoelectric beam sensors can replace electric fence, barbed wire and other spike topping. Today photoelectric beam sensors become part of modern security fence system.

Unifore recently released solar powered wireless photoelectric beam sensor to cater the need for wireless perimeter security system. The product combines solar panel and beam sensor together, hence can offer a completely wireless solution. It’s a dual-beam sensor offers maximum 100 meters guarding distance in outdoor, has a RF module built-in, can communicate with alarm panel wirelessly. It eliminates the necessary of cables, therefore installation is super easy.

Solar Powered Photoelectric Beam Sensor
Solar Powered Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Solar powered wireless photoelectric beam sensors are suitable for perimeter alarm monitoring for outdoor areas such as swimming pool, yard wall, construction site, villa, farm, garage, driveway, factory, warehouse. It can work with wireless alarm panels, when people cross the invisible fence, users will be notified by auto-dialing call, text message, instant push notification. It also can be integrated with Wi-Fi cameras, hence you can have an actionable security system that combines alarm monitoring and video surveillance.

Eco-Friendly High Efficient Solar Panel Photoelectric Beam Sensor
Solar Powered Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Using solar panel, the product is eco-friendly, running of this product doesn’t consume any electric energy, installing it doesn’t require any cable wiring. No need to hire a professional security installer, you can install it by yourself, so it’s suitable for Do-it-yourself users. The product has built-in rechargeable battery, 2 day’s sun light can make beam sensor work last 30 days. It work continuously even encountering cloudy days or in low lighting environment.

The photoelectric beam sensor adopts fully sealed design (IP65 ingress protection), it’s waterproof can withstand dust, rain, snow, wind. By employing special engineering housing, the product can prevent UV interference, it’s also vandal-proof. Solar panel on the top can be rotated 160 degree hence to obtain sufficient sun light when installation environment is different. Inside optical component also can be adjustable 180 degree horizontally and 20 degree vertically, so that it can handle most installation angle. Including view finder LED indicator helps sensor’s alignment can reduce installation time, it also includes anti-tamper switch, physical damage will set off the alarm.

IP65 Weatherproof Outdoor Solar Powered Photoelectric Beam Sensor
Rotatable Optical Lens Component in Solar Powered Photoelectric Beam Sensor
Tamper Switch and View Finder LED Indicator in Photoelectric Beam Sensor

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