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2MP/5MP H.265/HEVC Cameras NVR System

1080p/2K H.265 IP Camera NVR System Features Video Analytics

Unifore now is supplying new affordable MStar solution based security cameras feature high image quality, excellent low light sensitivity and a powerful suite of analytics built-in, including object counting, attended baggage and object removal, region detection, tampering, line crossing detection. These cameras can seamlessly work with our 4K NVRs supporting H.265/HEVC video compression, and up to 4K/UHD resolution video, Power over Ethernet as well to simplify installation which also further reduces the cost to install.

How smart video analytics work?

Video analytics or video analysis is performed by a computer which usually installed with intelligent video analysis software. In past, video analytics is only possible to be executed for stored video. As fast growing capability of camera’s processor, many IP cameras has embedded with video analytics algorithm to achieve real-time edge video analytics. Users can define detection rules, when they analyze video and detect abnormal event, alarm will be triggered. The camera will issue visual or audible warning to remind staff, or start to record video. In addition to abnormal activities, smart cameras also can collect useful data to help users improve productivity. In conclusion, smart video analytics aims to replace human surveillance.

What are benefits of smart video analytics?

Although security cameras can deter intruders, if there is no people constantly keep watching security video, it unlikely discover crimes and prevent unwanted activity, or even protect your property. As stored video footage is massively huge, searching for useful video clips is still difficult and time-consuming. In some cases, people watch video footage with hope to get useful data for customer’s behavior in store.

A smart IP camera with smart video analytics supported can automatically process real-time video and trigger an alarm when unwanted activity happens. For instance, users can use mouse to define an virtual trip wire, when someone crosses the wire, an alarm will be triggered, it’s called line crossing detection, it’s one of basic video analysis function, others including region detection, attended baggage and object removal detection, tamper detection. Intending to meet specific video analysis requirement for industry applications, some smart IP cameras can support fire/flame detection, face detection.

Moreover, today’s smart IP cameras also can support video analysis for improving of business. They includes object counters, this function can calculate the number of people exits or enters from defined region, it also can count other objects like vehicle. The camera also can generate a statistical report. Using it, you will know the accurate people or vehicle traffic statistical data. Heat map is another smart video analytic can help increase productivity. Heap map gives you a virtual map to indicate the density of people within the set time range, the map is compromising different colors and the color level represents the crowed density, red means high density, blue means low density. Using heat map can track user behaviors, and shows what area customers do not care about. This is greatly helpful is improving the business by rearranging the goods.

Different applications can benefit from the use of analytics

  • Providing extra valuable data (such as traffic data, shopper’s behaviors) beside security to retail business
  • Improving security by tracking items left behind for factories and warehouses
  • Helping to detect flaws in manufactured products and monitoring machine operations
  • Helping provide useful info resulting in fewer nuisance alarms and saving time for seaports/airporrs security staff
  • Helping keep track of attendance and occupancy by counting people at exit and entry points for stadiums
  • Trigger alerts and allow for a proactive response and effective risk mitigation

Unifore Smart Video Analytics

intelligent video analysis - Object counting

Object Counting

Object counting function enable security camera to automatically calculate the number of entering and existing people or other objects including vehicles. It can provide you a detailed statistic report. Clients can use mouse to drag on image to define detection region. The object counting is useful function for retail business, as well as commercial video surveillance applications which requiring customer or vehicle traffic data despite HQ video surveillance requirement.

Intelligent video analysis - attended baggage/removal detection

Object left or removal

Object left, for example attended baggage detection, when people leave suspicious baggage in defined region, alarm will be triggered. Object removal functions can detect if the object in defined region is gone then an alarm will be triggered.

Intelligent video analysis - region detection

Region Detection

Region/area detection, can trigger an alarm when people, vehicles or other objects that enter or exit from a pre-defined virtual region.

Intelligent video analysis - scene changing

Scene Changing

Scene changing detection can detect incidents such as accidental redirection, blocking or de-focusing of cameras, and reacts when camera is attacked, spray-painted or intentionally covered.

intelligent video analysis - Line crossing detection

Line Crossing Detection

It also refers as virtual trip wire, this function detects people, vehicles or other objects that hanging around the pre-defined virtual region, the alarm is triggered.

Intelligent video analysis - face detection

Face detection

This function when camera detect people’s face, the alarm is triggered, need IPC supported.

New affordable camera NVR system keeps your house or business secure. It now adopts H.265/HEVC video compression technology to greatly reduce bandwidth and storage consumption, both IPCs and NVRs support smart video analytics to offer you a smart and efficient video surveillance solution. The camera includes bullet and dome type which are designed for indoor and outdoor surveillance can withstand adverse weather conditions. Depends on your requirement, some cameras can use motorized zoom lens, which can not only eliminate hassles during camera’s installation, but also offer 4x optical zoom capability. New cameras utilize MStar SoC solution includes MSC313E and MSC316DM which maximum support 5-megapixel resolution video shooting and recording.

1080P/4MP/5MP Smart IP Cameras
1080P/4MP/5MP H.265 Smart IP Cameras

1080p/2K/5MP High Definition Video

Unifore MStar MSC313E + SC2232 smart cameras employ 2-megapixel imaging technology to provide 1080p FUll HD real-time video stream, allowing you to make out details missed on lower resolution cameras. The high quality resolution delivers sharper video enabling better forensic inspection of a person’s face or vehicle license plate. MStar MSC316DM + SC5235 smart cameras use a 5-megapixel CMOS image sensor has the capability to deliver super high definition video in format 2K (4-megapixel) and 1944p (5-megapixel).

Excellent Starlight Sensitivity

Unifore MStar MSC313E + IMX307 features excellent starlight visual capability, the camera can see clearly and capture color video under dim lighting condition. Without using artificial infrared illumination, the camera can reduce energy consumption, excessive heat as well. The camera also utilizes an advanced IR cut filter for accurate, vibrant colors and night vision mode to capture clear, illuminated footage in darkness.

Motorized zoom lens

We offer cameras with motorized zoom lens, the lenses are outsourced from one of leading professional lens manufacturer. These lenses adopts non-sphere glass layers to achieve megapixel high quality video, maximum aperture is F/1.4, under dim lighting conditions, the lens still can obtain megapixel performance. Moreover, new motorized lens leverages new optical structure have improved imaging capability for near-Infrared wavelength light. Motorized zoom lens can automatically change its focal length to capture clear image even when monitoring scene is changed. Motorized zoom lens can not only simplify installation, but also provides you 4x optical zoom capability.