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Top recommended smart video intercom/doorbell worth buying

IoT technology is prevailing today, it gradually changes our lifestyle and brings convenience, an Internet connected doorbell can not only bring convenience but also make our house more safer. Smart doorbell camera now is replacing conventional video intercoms to be installed million houses and offices. Owning a smart doorbell camera is a wise investment, it costs a little money, yet yield true efficiency and convenience, as well as peace in mind. 

There are many smart doorbell cameras available in market, take “Ring” as an example, which lately was acquired by Amazon. However, comparing with other similar products sharing the exact same features, Amazon’s Ring doorbell is more expensive. In this article, we would recommend you three worth buying smart doorbell cameras, which help you to skip cheap smart doorbell cameras which usually poor quality and unreliable.

1# Price Value Worth Smart Doorbell Camera

SD-M2 Top Recommended Smart Video Intercom
SD-M2 Top Recommended Smart Video Intercom

SD-M2 is a price value worth smart doorbell camera, why is it? When you buying this product, the package box includes not only a smart doorbell camera, but also has a 8GB memory card built-in, and a free wireless indoor chime receiver. 8GB TF/microSD card memory card doesn’t worth much money, the wireless indoor chime receiver does. The chime receiver support plug&play installation, simply plugging it to an electricity outlet, this eliminate hassle that batteries powered chime receiver needs to replace batteries regularly. Furthermore, it allows users to select 36 different melodies, and volume is adjustable. 

SD-M2 is a metal housing doorbell camera, it has a 720p HD camera utilizes an industry-leading Hisilicon SoC and Ominivision 1.0MP CMOS image sensor. Comparing other camera hardware solution, this camera can capture crystal clear image with vivid color. It also have a better reliability and durability. This characteristic is very important since the product needs to operate 24 hours continuously. 

The camera can deliver instant HD live stream to smartphone app and computers. You’re able to watch video and even record video footage to your smartphone, computer, or its internal microSD/TF memory card (up to 128GB). M2 has a PIR motion sensor to provide security and protection for your property. It has built-in microphone and speaker to support audio intercom. It also has IR LEDs to have night vision capability. Smart-IR is deployed to allow camera capture people’s face clearly under complete darkness condition. 

Concerning to smart function, the camera can support dual motion detection (video + PIR), it can send you push notification alerts when you have an visitor pressed the doorbell or alarm is triggered. Moreover, it allows users to enter email address to receive snapshots (three pictures) when event occurs. It also have a relay output to support unlock function. It can be connected to conventional electronic lock/video intercom/magnetic lock, you’re able to use app to unlock it anywhere anytime.

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2# Recommended Smart Video Intercom

SD-M4 Smart Video Intercom With PoE
SD-M4 Smart Video Intercom With PoE

SD-M4 is a recommended smart doorbell camera for your house or office, since it’s a modern and sleek design product can fit your house decoration. It has rain-shield to against rain splash, IP44 ingress protection design to withstand dust. The product also adopts the same camera hardware like SD-M2, because both of them are based on yoosee technology.

This smart doorbell supports HD video, but has an ultra viewing angle lens to capture 150 degree image. It covers a super wide area and leaves no blind spots for video surveillance. It also supports night vision and has a PIR motion sensor built-in to deter intruders. SD-M4 share the most functions as SD-M2, but it has a PoE splitter/injector to support PoE connection. PoE or Power over Ethernet, it enables camera obtain power supply from Ethernet cable. Therefore can eliminate power cable wiring to reduce installation cost and complexity. It’s a very good benefit since people usually use hardwired Ethernet connection, because the connection is more reliable than Wi-Fi, and there is no limitation on distance range.

In addition to unlocking door through smartphone app, SD-M4 can connect a door exit/switch which allow users to unlock door locally and manually. Press the door exit/switch, you can instantly open the electronic door.

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3# Robust Professional Smart Video Intercom

SD-M3 Smart Video Intercom with RFID
SD-M3 Smart Video Intercom with RFID

SD-M3 is a robust and professional doorbell camera, since it supports advanced access control function. The product offers more functions than previous two models. It also has a HD camera can allow you see, watch, record video and a microphone and speaker to answer door and talk with visitors. It supports PIR-based movement detection to help burglary deterrent. 

What’s special for this model is it supports RFID function. It has a RFID reader built-in can accept up to 5000 RFID tags. 7 pieces RFID tags are included in standard package, so that you’re able to swipe RFID tags to unlock door locally. 

Both SD-M3 and SD-M4 both support Ethernet (PoE) and Wi-Fi connection. Both of them can connect door exit/switch, can work with unlock controller module can perform as a bridge between the doorbell and magnetic lock or video intercom. Since it offers many possibilities, the wiring will be a bit complex, it’s more suitable for professionals. 

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Smart doorbell delivers 5 major features/benefits

Answer door anywhere anytime
Once a smart doorbell is mounted the wall beside your door. Your guests can press doorbell button to ring, you will be notified immediately through instant push notifications. Since many smart doorbell supports motion detection, it will alert you when someone is approaching your door area. The smart doorbell is Internet connected, you can access it anywhere, anytime. Now, you will not miss a visitor.

Watch HD live video
It functions as a HD camera can deliver live stream to your smartphone and computers. You’re able to watch live video even when you’re away. Integrating with adaptive bitrate controlling technology, smart doorbell camera can deliver smooth video even when your smartphone uses 3G/4G cellular network.

24 Hours video recording
According to white-paper released by crime instigation bureau, almost 50% burglary happens because intruders enter through a front or back door. Therefore, authorities suggest people use strong deadbolt lock secure these vulnerabilities. Using smart video intercom, it can record video to its internal microSD/TF memory card. Video recording function can greatly help people to find evidence to against crime during investigation process.

Burglary deterrent
All our smart video intercoms are equipped with a passive infrared motion sensor. PIR motion sensor is a common and widely used security sensor for burglar alarm system. The PIR consumes low energy while can detect human movement accurately. It’s immune to movement of plants, small pests. Hence can provide you much lower false detection than video-based motion detection. The smart video doorbell with a PIR built-in can alert you even if there is a intruder is lurking. It provide a wide area protection which is 110 degree and up to 12 meter distance.

Unlock door remotely
Our video doorbell camera supports remote unlock function. It can connect with conventional electronic lock, magnetic lock, video intercom and more access control system. It can turn your old video intercom to become an IoT device. Hence you’re able to unlock door remotely through smartphone app wherever you’re.

Advantages of Yoosee App

Yoosee app’s download has been already reached up to more than one million from statistics source of Google Play and iTune Store. On one hand, yoosee cameras are cost-effective and high quality. On the other hand, Yoosee app is more intuitive and user-friendly than other similar apps from rivals. Since the app has some many users, yoosee is able to collect feedback from them and keep updating app and camera’s firmware with a frequency that is higher than other apps. 

Intending to solve security issue, yoosee has introduced share algorithm. The camera is bound to account which firstly setup via app. As long as camera is bound to the account, no other users can use and access it even after has performed factory reset. This algorithm provides higher grade security to protect your camera, data, privacy. The master users share links to allow other guest to watch video, it’s manageable link can be deleted. 

Most smart doorbell camera only provide app for Android and iOS smartphones. Yoosee can provide software for Windows PC. It’s a freeware allows users to mange multiple devices. You can watch 4 or even 45 video streams simultaneously. You’re able to record video on desktop and laptop PCs, or even receive alarm notifications (pop-up a new video window) when even occurs. 

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