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When we consider to secure or monitor a large area in the outdoor scene, we will use a PTZ camera, as one of the most popular types of security camera, PTZ camera offers many unique advantages, it’s the only type of security camera can cover the largest viewing angle before the panoramic cameras are available in the market. Additionally, the PTZ camera typically is equipped with a big lens which can provide powerful optical zoom capability. Comparing with the digital zoom, optical zoom can magnify the image with impressive details without compromising image quality.

The most majority of IP PTZ cameras adopt the dome shape design, that's  the reason why they are also referred as IP speed dome cameras. They offer many useful functions such as pan, tilt, preset, auto-focus, pattern scan, auto-cruise and so on, yet they are not easy to use and be installed. 

Here, we recommend you the D1501, which is an outdoor PTZ bullet camera with IR. There are two things differentiate it from the conventional IP PTZ cameras. The camera can support WiFi and Ethernet connection, as you can check the picture, it comes a detachable WiFi antenna. WiFi connection can greatly simply the installation. Moreover, it’s a bullet type camera but support mechanical pan/tilt rotation, according to its datasheet, it’s able to rotate 355 degree horizontally, and 70 degree vertically.

Yoosee Outdoor PTZ IR Bullet Camera

Yoosee Outdoor PTZ IR Bullet Camera

It should be noted that the camera supports the popular Yoosee App. Today, the Yoosee cameras become very popular for home use, this mainly dues to their low cost, products are easy to use, and App is user-friendly. Unlike traditional IP PTZ camera has a web interface, this camera doesn’t require using computer to setup it, users can download and run the Yoosee app to complete the setup.

Yoosee Outdoor PTZ IR Bullet Camera

No need to remember its IP address, you even don’t need to config its network settings, you can easily add the camera to the App, then start the monitoring right away since it leverages mature P2P technology.

Key features

  • GM8135S + SC1135, 1.3MP 1280x960p real-time HD video
  • Equipped with a motorized 2.8-12mm lens, 4x optical zoom, auto-focus
  • Remote 355° pan and 120° tilt rotation
  • Support Pelco-D protocol, RS485 connection
  • Optical zoom and mechanical pan/tilt over smartphone
  • 4pcs Infrared array LEDs, IR distance 30-40M
  • Built-in TF card slot up to 128GB
  • Support Yoosee App
  • Support AP mode, work standalone even without Internet

Yeah, I know Yoosee, that’s a good App. But why should I choose this camera, what’s the difference between this camera and other cameras. Well, to answer this question, we can start to dig more information on its hardware design. 

Excellent Image Quality

Similar to other yoosee cameras, it’s based on GM8135S + SC1135 hardware solution, SC1135 is a 1.3 megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor and the GM8135S is a HD video SoC which can achieve max. 1280x960@40fps video processing and encoding. The D1501 camera therefore can capture real-time HD video with 1280x960 image resolution. The solution is carefully tuned by the engineer team to ensure the camera’s image quality and low-light performance is decent. 

Yoosee Outdoor PTZ IR Bullet Camera

4x Optical Zoom with Auto-focus

Despite the rotating feature (users can rotate the camera by touching the image on App), it’s equipped with a motorized zoom lens with focal lengh from 2.8mm to 12mm, this enables the camera to support 4x optical zoom. Users can not only pinch on image to zoom in details from smartphone App, but also can connect the camera with the network video recorder via RS485 communication to achieve pan/tilt/zoom function. 

Yoosee Outdoor PTZ IR Bullet Camera

40M Far Infrared Range

Unlike indoor cameras which only can support short night vision distance. The D1501 employed 4 pieces high-power IR array LEDs to provide up to 30-40 meters night vision coverage.  Through incorporating with smart IR function, the camera can capture crisp image at night. Intending to withstand harsh environments, this camera is full-sealed IP67 grade waterproof camera can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

128GB TF Card On-board Storage

So amazing, it must be a good camera for outdoor applications. Yeah, exactly. Furthermore, it has a TF card slot built-in, therefore can support on-board video recording/storage. Without using a NVR, it can achieve video capturing and recording function, while accessing and playing the recorded footage on your Android or iOS devices (smartphone, tablet).

Centralized Video Monitoring

What about I want to watch the video from my computer? To meet the demands of centralized video surveillance on PC. The camera comes with a free video management software called CMSClient. The CMSClient is able to manage up to 64 channel video, you can watch all these video simultaneously. The CMSClient however is a powerful platform offers preview, recording (record the footage on your computer’s HDD), playback, converting, user management features. It’s compatible with all Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) OS.

Good Interoperability

The camera is amazing, does the camera support integrated solution? The camera is compliant with ONVIF (version 2.4, Profile S) specification, therefore it can be easily integrated into other security systems or platforms. It also supports RTSP video stream protocol, which the most multimedia players and other software can seamlessly support. Lastly, if you are looking for an inexpensive IP PTZ cameras, this should be your choice. 

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