Netatmo Welcome Aternative eRobot IP Camera

Netatmo Welcome Alternative eRobot IP Camera

Netatmo Welcome - one of the new IP camera which targets to home users. Actually it's a camera which can take photos when it senses a face in the room, users will receive a push notification from Netatmo Welcome camera. As the senior security technician I wonder whether it is an innovative product for security.

The product has been released yet, I would like to introduce you an alternative - eRobot smart IP camera which comes with free smartphone App.

The traditional IP cameras take video of your home, may continuously record the video at 24/7. eRobot, however, adds more smart functions for home security. Rather than merely capture and record video, it supports motion detection, and works with wireless intrusion sensors. When camera detects motion or sensor has been triggered, eRobot can send a push notification or email with photos to your smartphone.

eRobot IP camera delivers 720p HD high quality video, it doesn't require paid subscription, due to its advanced "Peer to Peer" technology, and the remotely live view become much easier than before. Additionally, eRobot cam supports TF/MicroSD card for edge video storage, video and photos are stored locally on an 32GB SD card, rather than in the cloud.

Wireless Smart Alarm System - D1000/D1201

Typically, a surveillance camera system is the solution for video monitoring. As the pioneer manufacturer, Unifore tried to add smart detection functions to its new product portfolio - eRobot. The eRobot IP camera (D1000, D1201-A/B) has built-in RF module design to work with different kinds of wireless detection sensors. Users can extend the system through adding wireless door/window sensors, wireless PIR motion sensor, even wireless flood sensors or smoke sensors.

Take door sensor as an example, once the door is open, alarm will be triggered, user will receive push notification and email with photos, you can immediately watch live video to check what is happening. Since eRobot IP camera works with up to 64 wireless sensors, it's really suitable for house, apartment, warehouse, office and more places where require high definition video monitoring with smart alarm detection.

Passive Infrared Motion Detection - D1100

D1100 is a smart cube camera, it has built-in passive infrared motion sensor to support dual motion detection. The PIR sensor helps camera to detect human movement accurately. You can arm/disarm the camera through using smartphone App from anywhere.

Remote Environment Monitoring - D1000/D1001

Except the above mentioned functions, user can also choose the eRobot D1000/D1001 which support thermometer function. The camera has built-in temperature and humidity sensors, through using the smartphone, user can know these info real time, also allowing user to set certain alarm point for monitoring. Once the degree rise/low the certain point, temperature alert will be triggered.

The eRobot camera is sleek and discreet enough to fit anywhere you want. Included with mount bracket for wall or ceiling mounting. Thanks to its gravity sensor, the camera can automatically flip the image. Unlike other traditional IP cameras, eRobot (D1000, D1201-A/B) is a pan tilt camera, in addition to support 355 degree pan rotation and 125 degree tilt rotation, it has a 3.6mm lens to deliver a wide field of view, so you will be able to see nearly all of an entire room.

Pro IP Camera supports Onvif

There is no hassle procedures to use and install your first security camera. eRobot can connect to network through WiFi wireless or use a Ethernet cable. It also comes with smartphone App; install the App, register an account, add new device, only three simple steps, you are able to watch live video and access the camera. Additionally, you can install the free PC software to manage eRobot IP cameras. If you are looking for professional video monitoring and recording, eRobot cameras won't let you down. They are compliant with Onvif standard, works with third-party's NVR or VMS (Samsung, Dahua, Hikvision, Sony, Bosch, Axis, Vivotek...etc)

Compared with Netatmo Welcome, eRobot cameras can provide much more functions. It's right choice for security & protection of your home or business. Furthermore, Netatmo's Welcome will be available by Q2 of 2015, the company hasn't released the price yet. Don't wait the Netatmo's Welcome, get your first smart IP camera - eRobot.

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