Outdoor wireless HD IP camera - Edimax IC-9110W

Outdoor wireless HD IP camera - Edimax IC-9110W

Undoubtedly, we are entering into digital HD video era. As the professional network equipment manufacturer which is based in Taiwan, Edimax is proud to release IC-9110, the innovative wireless outdoor HD IP camera (IP66 rated), it includes outdoor camera and indoor receiver, it's the perfect solution for wireless/wired video surveillance applications. It can solve the existing problem which is outdoor wireless WiFi signal can't reach indoor WiFi AP, also eliminate the hassle procedures for wired connection. IC-9110W's indoor receiver has SD card slot for edge storage, it prevents potential data loss when outdoor camera has been stolen or damaged.

Using the Edimax Plug-n-View IC-9110W Outdoor HD IP camera, there is no hassle installation procedures, support do-it-yourself setup; also Edimax includes EdiView II App (Support iOS & Android), support instant push notification function, user can get notified immediately, once camera detects abnormal events. Additionally, it supports live watch, it's a complete IP camera solution for home and business.

IC-9110W is a compact design camera has versatile function, can meet the requirements of outdoor video surveillance.

  • Separate design to secure video data, outdoor camera adopts IP66 weatherproof design
  • Night vision functions, has removable ICR filter, can provide true day/night monitoring
  • 135 degree superb wide field of view
  • Plug-n-View technology, simple but secure
  • Push notification, event reporting function

Innovative separate indoor/outdoor system

IC-9110W firstly introduced the outdoor camera and indoor receiver separate design, perfectly solved the existing limitation for wireless/wired IP camera video surveillance in the market, can solve the problem that outdoor camera can't get WiFi signal from indoor AP. IC-9110 put the SD card slot on indoor receiver, hence you don't need to worry that video data loss when outdoor camera has been stolen or damaged.

Plug-n-View 24/7 HD surveillance

Edimax plug-n-view innovative technology. Wherever you are, you can be connected with your home. The IC-9110W can connect to cloud server, and through simple procedures, user can use smartphone, table or PC software, even IE browsers to watch the live video. It can connect you with your home, shop, garage, warehouse at any time.

Night vision function

IC-9110 is designed for day/night video monitoring, it comes with infrared LED illuminators, which can automatically turn on when camera works under low light or at night. It has built-in ICR (Infrared Filter), when camera works at day to filter unnatural light, while it allows infrared enter into camera to improve its sensitivity when camera works at night.

Motion detection + snapshot function

Advanced motion detection function, allowing user to select detection region. Once camera detects any movement, the camera can capture snapshot, also start video recording. The snapshots and video footage can be stored in local MicroSD/SDHC card, or send to user's email, even upload to remote FTP server.

720p HD Video Quality

IC-9110W has built-in 135 degree superb wide angle F2.0 lens, it enables camera to provide wide field of view. Adopting progressive scan CMOS image sensor, the camera can deliver 720p (1280x720) HD video in real time (30fps)

IP66 Weatherproof design

IC-9110W's outdoor camera adopts full-sealed metal housing structure, the IP66 rated design enable it to resist rain, dust for outdoor installation. It comes with anti-cut bracket design to hide connection cable, offering you clean installation.

MicroSD/SDHC edge local storage

It has built-in MicroSD/SDHC card slot, support maximum 32GB video edge local storage.

Smartphone App function

  • - Support remote view via iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac computers
  • - High speed H.264 and MJPEG video compression
  • - Motion detection, snapshot and video recording
  • - Video storage on SD card, FTP, or send Email
  • - Smartphone can view maximum 12 pcs IP cameras simultaneously
  • - Automatic/Manual/Schedule video recording

Edimax Profile

Founded in 1986, Edimax Technology Co., Ltd. is a dedicated networking solution provider with a global presence spanning across North America, Asia, and Europe. Edimax’s product lines include wireless solutions, PoE solutions, powerline solutions, network access controllers, IP cameras, home entertainment integration solutions, and others. While an OEM/ODM provider in the smart home market, the company also offers smart cameras and smart plugs under its own name to mostly markets in Europe and North America, along with its free cloud service “EDIMAX Cloud”.

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