Panasonic WV-SFV631L dome camera

Panasonic IP security camera review WV-SFV631L dome camera

Panasonic is well-known Japanese electronics brand, similar to other giant companies, Panasonic has its IP surveillance subsidiary. Similar to Sony's strategy, Panasonic IP cameras attracted to high-end users who seek for reliable and extreme high quality products for their video surveillance projects. Users especially from residential are not familiar with Panasonic, since its price is extremely high (expensive).

Herein we introduce and test the WV-SFV631L, which is an vandal-proof IP dome camera from Panasonic. This dome camera adopts metal structure design, has vandal-resist polycarbonate plastic dome cover, the whole design is elegant, except its print logo, we can't find other mark. The whole design is clean, compact. On its bottom, it provides fix board for installation.

Panasonic WV-SFV631L - IP vandal-proof dome camera

#1. What are the main features for this IP dome camera?

Manually 3-Axis Rotation: Open the plastic cover, we can see the IP camera module was installed on a 3-axis mechanical structure which supports manual rotation. This design allows user to rotate the camera for achieving ideal viewing angle for video monitoring; this structure adopts motorized zoom lens and auto-fixed mechanical lock, after adjusting the focal length, users don't need to use screw to fix the lens, which in turn, greatly simplified the installation process.

Smart IR design: Around the lens, there are infrared illuminators. Only when infrared LED illuminators turn on, they are visible.

Rich Interface: On its main-board it has rich interface, including dual microSDHC card slots to support maximum 64GB video storage, NTSC/PAL standards switch, RESET button, ABF (Automatic Back Focus) button, Optical zoom button, Network/Power/Recording status indicators...etc; meanwhile, the connection cable has DC12V power jack, Audio I/O, RJ45 port supports PoE.

IP66 Weatherproof design: This camera adopts IP66 ingress rate design that supports anti-water (waterproof) and anti-dust for not only indoor installation, but also outdoor applications.

De-humidity: Additionally, this camera inherited Panasonic technology to keep the inner camera module insulated from outside, it can drain the humidity air from camera, and keep camera dry even working in raining weather.

#2. 60fps full high definition video streaming

WV-SFV631L HD network camera supports 1080P and 720P high definition formats, maximum supports 60fps video streaming. Under this high frame rate, the camera can deliver smooth video when capturing high speed motion objects (e.g over 80 Km/h vehicles). Compared with traditional 25/30fps real time video streaming, this camera provides smooth video streaming without frame loss, image flick, perfectly maintain details of the scene.

Road traffic video surveillance WV-SFV631L

Set the camera's video parameter on 1080P@60fps, 6Mbps, Making the camera monitor outdoor traffic road. Observing the images, we found the video is smooth and clear, no motion blur, image dragging effects; The high frame rate technology can compensate the defect of traditional IP camera when capturing high speed motion objects, enable this camera become suitable for road video surveillance.

#3. 2.3 megapixel high definition monitoring

WV-SFV631L adopts Panasoic in-house 1/2.8" 2.3MP progressive scan CMOS image sensor, under H.264 video codec, it supports maximum 2048x1536@30fps image.

True High Definition Video Monitoring

Adjusted the optical zoom to minimum, in the same 1080P@60fps, 6Mbps video parameters, making the camera see video resolution testing card. Through measurement, this camera has capability to capture clear images with horizontal and vertical resolution 1000TVL, edge resolution is 800TVL; and under 3MP@30fps, 6Mbps, the camera's resolution has a little improvement, its 4:3 resolution images increased to horizontal 1150TVL, vertical 1100TVL, edge resolution 900TVL. Images are clear and sharp. Therefore, in 3MP mode, Panasonic WV-SFV631LH though has 2.3MP CMOS image sensor, but it can capture 3MP resolution images.

Resolution test result - WV-SFV631L


Resolution test result after correction- WV-SFV631L

Resolution - After correction

Accurate color reproduction

Replaced the resolution card with a 24** color reproduction card, check the image color, each gradation of colors are distinctive; then comparing captured images with color reproduction card, we didn't find color cast, the overall color reproduction is accurate; also we have tested its grayscale level, the recognizable grayscale level can reach 17 and 18, performance is good.

Color Reproduction test result after correction- WV-SFV631L

Color Reproduction - IP Dome Camera

3x Optical zoom, easily zoom in/out

WV-SFV631L supports 3x optical zoom function (in 16:9 video ratio, its horizontal viewing angle is 28.8~102.6), user can change the zoom through on-board button or menu, also use mouse to select for zooming in operation. During previewing interface, user can perform 1, 2, 4x digital zoom. When installed indoor, moving target objects, we have found this camera has automatic focus function, without manually adjust focal length to capture clear images. For testing its optical zoom function, we make the camera monitor outdoor scene, minimized the optical zoom, almost majority area was included in monitoring image, except disorder effect, the overall images are very clear, color reproduction is awesome; while in maximum optical zoom, images keep clear without distortion.

Minimum zoom result - WV-SFV631L

Minimum zoom result - WV-SFV631L

Minimum zoom result after correction- WV-SFV631L

Minimum zoom after image correction - WV-SFV631L

Maximum zoom result - WV-SFV631L

Maximum zoom - WV-SFV631L

Customized assisted video surveillance

Although this camera is equipped with a wide viewing angle lens, but Panasonic designer provides 256 grade distortion correction function. In minimum zoom, camera can correct distortion to provide accurate and normal images; meanwhile, in addition to automatic focus, it provides ABF (Automatic Back Focus).

Stable Network Streaming

Will 60fps high frame rate cause long video delay time? In real test, we felt its video latency time didn't exceed 300ms, we used the stopwatch to measure its video latency. Through measurement, we found its video delay time is approximate 250ms in 1080P@60fps, 6Mbps, when in 1080P@60fps, 4Mbps condition, its video delay time is 200-230ms.

In the video streaming control, we use the bitrate software to test, found that in 1080P@60fps, 4Mbps, the camera controlled its bitrate in 3.9 - 4.1Mbps; while in 3MP@30fps, 6Mbps, bitrate was controlled in the range of 5.6-6.0Mbps, bitrate is stable. Besides, in 1080P@25fps, this camera also deliver smooth video in 3Mbps network bandwidth. In this condition, the bitrate was controlled within 3.0-3.2Mbps, it's bandwidth adaptation is excellent.

Bitrate - network bandwidth result


#4. Advanced functions for different applications

This camera supports many different image signal processing function, it can adapt into dark, reverse lighting, heavy fog...etc environments.

3D noise reduction for star grade low illumination

The equipped lens support maximum aperture value is F=1.3, we put this camera into a darkness box to simulate dark environment. Gradual reducing illumination, the camera turned on AGC to maintain brightness of images, after enabled 3D noise reduction, the captured images kept clear and no noise. When illumination decreased to 3Lux, the camera automatically switched to B/W mode, although we didn't see blur, but camera itself automatically performed focus to keep image's quality; With decreasing of illumination, the camera still could keep clear images in 0.09Lux, when Lux decreased to 0.01Lux, the objects were still visible, and we could see obvious image noises.

0.09Lux Low Illumination Performance

Low illumination 0.09Lux

0.01Lux Low Illumination Performance

Low illumination 0.01Lux

It's commendable that in super chroma compensation function (SCC) mode, the images can display color in low illumination condition.

Moreover, when choose IR automatic switch mode, the camera will turn on infrared illuminator in B/W mode. The smart IR can automatically adjust its infrared level to maintain perfect exposure of images at night. The infrared illuminators provide 30 meters night vision distance.

#5. WDR + Facial WDR + BLC

This Panasonic IP camera support 133 dB WDR and ABS back-light compensation functions, in its WDR application, enable facial WDR will allow camera capture clear face. In this test, we put the camera in strong lighting environment, when WDR turned on, we saw increase of brightness for background, and front strong light has been suppressed, cloth doll became visible. while in reverse lighting environment, enabling BLC and WDR function improved the overall image quality.

WDR Comparison Panasonic IP security camera


WDR Comparison Panasonic WV-SFV631L


#6. Defog function + VIQS smart codec

This camera supports defog function through its image processing and comparing algorithm. We used three different way to simulate fog environments, found that this camera's defog function worked as we expected.

WV-SFV631L Vandal-proof dome camera supports VIQS smart codec function, VIQS stands for Variable Image Quality on Specified Area. VIQS can set different picture quality in multiple VIQS can set different picture quality in multiple areas within one picture on the camera side.


Panasonic WV-SFV631L is an advanced smart IP security camera. Except above mentioned functions, it supports facial recognition, motion detection, privacy mask, multiply video streaming...and more, in real usage, it performs great, and it's an ideal video surveillance camera for both indoor and outdoor applications. This dome camera can be used in Offices, lobbies, banks, airports, hospitals, schools, prisons, municipal stadiums and other places.

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