Piper: WiFi Z-Wave Home Security Camera

Piper: WiFi Z-Wave Home Security Camera with 1080P HD

Piper is a newly designed home security & automation camera, it has a HD camera with built-in wide view angle 180 degree fish-eye lens. Through using your smartphone, you can digitally zoom the lens or pan and tilt to monitor your home or shop. office.

Different from traditional IP camera, this is a smart camera which has the function of working with wireless z-wave sensors, as well as diversity Z-wave based home automation devices such as smart electricity outlet, remote control socket, lights and more. Additionally, it has a 180 degree fish-eye lens to provide you the widest panoramic field of view. For more features, please continue reading.

  • Security: Three customizable security modes including motion detector, two-way audio, piercing siren.
  • Automation: Integrate Z-wave accessories into Piper's security modes, control them remotely, on a schedule or using environmental data.
  • Panoramic viewing: It is equipped with a panoramic view lens, support digital pan, tilt and zoom, adopting progressive scan CMOS image sensor to delivery 1080p full HD video (2 megapixel).
  • Customized alerts: Receiving alert notification through phone call, text message, email, or push notifications, you can get notified immediately once the security rules are breached.
  • Environmental sensors: Working with temperature, humidity, ambient light, ambient sound,
  • Smartphone Integration: Elegant design product comes with Android and iOS smartphone Apps, control and access from anywhere at any time.
  • How does Piper HD camera work?

    Piper is a smart HD IP camera which has embedded with Linux system. It can connect to internet through Wi-Fi or cable LAN connection. You are free to install it anywhere in your home to obtain the best possible video coverage. User can use the smartphone to access and control Piper from anywhere through either Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Additionally, user can set the security rules for security and automation purposes.

    It has built-in passive infrared motion sensor, once the sensor is triggered, the system will send the push notification alerts or email to notify users. Users can watch the live video through their smartphones instantly.

    As it supports Z-wave technology, this HD camera can work up to 232 Z-wave devices including external Z-Wave sirens, Z-Wave PIR motion sensor, Z-Wave door/window magnetic contacts, even the Z-Wave remote control socket, or electricity outlet, lamp holder...etc. Through using your smartphone, you can not only secure and protect your home or business, but also control lights, home appliances from anywhere.