2.0 megapixel AHD camera - NVP2440H/2441H

2.0 megapixel AHD camera - NVP2440H/2441H

NVP2440H/2441H are newly developed chip-set to its AHD portfolio. Similar to its predecessor (NVP2430H/NVP2431H), NVP2440H/2441H can work with progressive scan CMOS image sensor to delivery up to 2.0 megapixel (1920x720p) full HD resolution images with impressive image quality. Nextchip, Samsung, Sony, Dahua are three major manufacturers offer high definition solution for analog video surveillance market.

The brand new megapixel CMOS ISP, EAGLET2 Series (NVP2440H/2441H) has state-of-the art technology to give the finest image quality. Especially it is designed to meet the demands of new trends in CCTV market, both Analog FHD Camera and cost-effective HD-SDI applications. EAGLET2 series is supporting 2.0M CMOS sensor and output I/F as digital(1080p) and analog AHD2.0/CVBS/COMET.

Key feature

  • 2.0M COMS sensor support
  • Programmable AE/AWB/AF detection
  • 3D-NR(Noise Reduction) for NVP2440H
  • Defog
  • Dead pixel compensation (live/static)
  • DWDR
  • Low shutter
  • User defined OSD
  • On-chip MCU & SDRAM

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1.3MP AHD Camera: NVP2430H/NVP2431H
2.0MP AHD Camera: NVP2440H/2441H

AHD is the cheapest high definition solution for CCTV system, it includes two standards; AHD 1.0 and AHD 2.0. The AHD 1.0 standard is the first generation of AHD product which is compatible with 960H standard cctv equipment, and AHD 2.0 is recent introduced standard to offer 1080P HD solution. As the AHD developer, the Nextchip also introduced the NVRP6114 SoC to provide 4 channel 1.3 megapixel video encoding and recording.

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