Test procedures for our commercial alarm systems

Dear Customers, thanks for purchasing our security equipment, we herein present the simple tutorial about how to test the commercial alarm systems and clear all the information before reselling our commercial alarm systems. Before read about this, you may need to check following articles:http://www.burglaryalarmsystem.com/product-news/commercial-alarm-system-vs-gsm816-system-programming-tips.html

Control Keypad

The quick guide as below:

1. Reset:951753082+F4
2. Enter Setting Mode: 666666+F4, 4992+F4,
3. Programming Keyfob: 2001+F4, press keyfob[Keypad signal will turn on (Red LED)], press F4.
4. Programming personal numbers(for alarm receiving):51+telephone number+F4
5. Enable the remote control:711+F4, Setting remote control ring times:721+F4; Enable auto play voice message:751+F4; Enable telephone line Cut Alert:781+F4, 760+F4(XXXX), * #(Exit)
6. Make a phone call to alarm panel: After put through, input password “123456”—press“1”to Arm—press “2” to Disarm; press“3”to voice monitor—press“8”exit voice monitor, press “4” turn on siren—press “5” turn off siren, press “7” to record voice message—press “8” stop record—press “6” to play voice message,hang-up.
7. Alarm system dial phone number: Arm the system—open circuit the hardwired zone(open circuit “zone 1”, zone LED will turn to green) After three ring times, pick up phone—auto play voice message for two times—After hear “Di” sound, input password “123456” —press “2” to Disarm(press 2 times)press “7” , “8” delete recorded voice message—press “6” to check deleted voice message, hang-up.
8. Delete phone number and zones:666666+F4—4992+F4, * #(Exit)
9. Reset:951753082+F4, Test complete.

Note:If the system come with expand zone module, you need to enable the expand zone via commands of “791+F4”.