4K UHD Network Camera

Test report & review - 4K UHD network camera

4K UHD represent the latest high definition technology. Many leading security camera manufacturers such as Sony, Dahua, Hikvision, Panasonic launched 4K UHD cameras into video surveillance market. In this article, we intend to share you a test report from ASMAG China. ASMAG China is a professional magazine that specializes in offering latest security news and products to security integrators, distributors, consumers.

4K UHD Network Camera - KEDACOM
4K UHD Network Camera - KEDACOM IPC185

KEDACOM 4K UHD network camera is very attractive, it has appealing housing design, heat dissipation is good. It not only supports up to 2000 TVL resolution 4K standard video, but also can split 1 channel 4K video to 4 individual 1080p HD video. So that this camera still can hook on your existing full HD resolution video surveillance system, especially considering the reality that 4K technology has not been widely used.

4K@30fps ultra high definition

Resolution test - Making network camera aim at resolution testing card, adjust lens zoom to zero, we find that this camera's horizontal resolution exceeds 2000 TVL, vertical resolution reaches 2000 TVL, edge resolution exceeds 1000 TVL, its resolution is excellent.

KEDACOM IPC185 Resolution
KEDACOM IPC185 Resolution

Color, grayscale test - Using the 24 colors reproduction testing card, then check the captured video, we find that the camera's color reproduction is basically accurate, except red color has aberration. Then, we use the grayscale testing card to test its recognizable grayscale level, this network camera's recognizable gray-scale level is 17, 18.

KEDACOM IPC185 Color Reproduction
KEDACOM IPC185 Color Reproduction

Video delay test - Making camera aim at LCD monitor then running stopwatch software, after several measurements, we find that its optimal video latency time is 293 ms, video delay time is in reasonable range.

Real scene test - Put network camera aim at outside traffic road, we find that images are crystal and clean, colors are vivid, moving objects are pretty smooth, no dragging and delaying problems.

Network controlling test - Using bitrate testing software, we find that the average bitrate of video stream from this camera is 8.8Mbps.

Applicable for diverse video surveillance projects

Low illumination test: After installed a megapixel F1.6 CS lens to this camera, we put it in a dark box. Adjusting the brightness inside the box to simulate low illumination environment. We gradually decrease illumination, when Lux meter shows 3.99Lux, image color slightly changes, but resolution still keeps good, when illumination is 3.03Lux, camera automatically switches to B/W mode (night/monochrome mode). In night mode, image keeps clear. When illumination is 0.08Lux, image noise appears, but objects on captured image are still clear. Then, we switch back to color mode, when illumination is 0.21 Lux, the capture image has many image noises, color seriously fades.

Defog test: Making camera aim at outdoor buildings, meanwhile we use a piece of glass to simulate foggy environment. When defog is disabled, captured images look foggy too; after we enable defog function, the image become clearer, colors become vivid.


WDR test: Making a strong light environment, meanwhile let camera aim at strong light source. There is a doll inside light shade. When disable WDR function, we can see a over-exposure area, background scene is a bit dim. When enable WDR function, the over-exposure area shows more details, such as doll's face becomes visible, while background scene improves too, it becomes brighter. 

High light compensation (HLC) test: In the same testing scene, enable HLC, the background scene become completely dark, there is no glare around light source, doll is even clearer than when enable WDR.

Freely switch between 1CH 4K and 4CH 1080p

Compatible with 1080p video surveillance system: This network camera innovatively supports switching between 1CH 4K and 4CH 1080p video displaying, 4CH 1080p video outputs to 1080p decoder, can display on video wall. The same as traditional 1080p network cameras, user can drag, play, record video on TV wall. 

4K UHD equals 4x1080p
1 4K UHD Camera Equals 4 1080p IP Cameras

Intelligent Splice Displaying: the 4CH 1080p video supports intelligent splice displaying, can be connected to decoders, then displaying on the TV wall. Each 1080p video channel can be spliced naturally, no video gap, time strictly sync.

KEDACOM IPC185 4CH 1080p Splice Displaying
KEDACOM IPC185 4CH 1080p Splice Displaying

Aesthetic product design

KEDACOM IPC185 4K Ultra HD network camera paints black and white colors classic style, design is simple, attractive. The aluminum housing has net heat dissipation design, which can accelerate heat dissipation, consequently make the camera provide reliable performance. Furthermore, this camera has rich interface design including power LED indicator, network LED indicator, Alarm Input/Output, RS485, BNC video output, microSD/TF card slot, Power input (DC12V / PoE). Additionally, this camera supports Auto-iris lens, 2-way audio intercom etc.

KEDACOM IPC185 Interface
KEDACOM IPC185 Interface

Review from the expert: 

As the 4K Ultra HD network camera, the camera resolution is quite amazing. While the night performance is also good, overcoming the common problem that ISO sensitivity is insufficient for high resolution CMOS sensor. However, it will be better if the camera add some anti-dust designs, which can greatly help for installation and maintenance.

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