Burglar alarm system solution

Burglar alarm solution

Burglar alarm system is a fencing system that utilizes all kinds of detector to protect space, environment around the house and person.
When the thief break into the door, the magnetic switch emit the signal to control panel; when the thief enter from window, the curtain PIR detect it and send the signal to control panel; if the thief break the glass and enter, the glass break detector send alarm signal to control panel; once the thief arrive in the hall, th wide angle detector emits signal to control panel.

When the control panel receive alarm signal, it turns on the siren(the control panel connect siren) to scare the thief(intruder), at the same time the control panel call the Central Monitoring Station and personal telephone number that you pre-programmed,  or send alarm message. Thief(Intruder) will escape immediately.

Gas Detector and Smoke Detector are important for home safety, the gas detector start up the mechanical valve to cut off the gas supply when the gas leak; the smoke detector can alert you when the fire occur and reduce your loss.

Wireless Installation